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Personally, I am not that worried whether faithful contending Christians take the title "Protestant" or not. I do, however, admire those who are unashamed of the glorious title. Under God, as long as the title remains, Rome will always be challenged. She fears the rise of another Protestant Reformation and rightly so. Long may she look anxiously over her shoulder. I note with a large degree of satisfaction that many of the "We're-not-Protestants"-Baptists" all use a Protestant translation of the Bible, sing almost exclusively Protestant hymns and reach for Protestant  Bible Commentaries when they want meat for their sermons etc.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... Thankfully, Spurgeon did not get into word games either ;o)

"After all, there is a Protestantism still worth contending for, there is a Calvinism still worth proclaiming, and a gospel well worth dying for" (MTP: Volume 17 p.250)

"I have journeyed happily to the borders of Switzerland, and already feel that the removing of the yoke from the shoulder is one of the readiest means of restoring the metal powers. Much of Popish superstition and idolatry has passed under my observation, and if nothing else could make me a Protestant, what I have seen would do so. One thing I have learned anew, which I would have all my brethren learn, the power of a personal Christ. We Protestants are too apt to make doctrine everything, and the person of Christ is not held in sufficient remembrance; with the Roman Catholic doctrine is nothing, but the person is ever kept in view." (New Park Street Pulpit Volume 6:486)

"Never did I feel my Protestant feelings boiling over so tremendously, as in this city of idols, for I am not an outrageous Protestant generally, and I rejoice to confess that I feel there are some of God’s people in the Romish Church, as I shall have to show you by-and-bye." (New Park Street Pulpit Volume 6:657)

"In the name of our Protestant religion, I ask whether a minister of the Church of England is allowed to bow before the altar of a Popish church?" (New Park Street Pulpit Volume 6:667)

“…These sermons smell of Popery, yet the savour of our Lord’s good ointment cannot be hid. Our Protestantism is not of so questionable a character that we are afraid to do justice to Papists and Anglicans…” (Commenting and Commentaries P105)



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