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The following paragraphs are taken direct from David Cloud's article, "The Calvinism debate - Who is the enemy?" which appears on his "Way of Life" site. From time to time, Cloud edits his own article. Sometimes he includes kinder things about Calvinists, and then on other occasions removes them. Currently the following paragraphs have been greatly summarised, but I include them here as they appeared when I first reviewed his article several years ago.


    "Some Good Things About Calvinism"

"Though I do not agree with Calvinist theology, I can readily admit that there are many good things about Calvinism, especially if it is contrasted with the shallow, man-centered theology and evangelism that is so popular today. Four things come to mind readily:

1. Calvinism exalts God as the sole Author of salvation and gives glory to Him alone. In this, it is exactly correct and perfectly biblical and right on target. There is no salvation apart from God. There is no good in man and there is nothing he can do to achieve his salvation. It must be entirely of God. Except that God in His mercy and grace has provided salvation in Christ and has drawn men to this salvation, convicting them and enlightening them and granting them faith and repentance (which are both gifts of God), no man would be saved. All glory to God.

2. Calvinism humbles man and gives him no role in salvation and nothing to glory of. This is the flip side of the previous point, and in this Calvinism is perfectly scriptural. The Bible gives man nothing whatsoever in which to glory. Salvation is entirely of God and nothing of man. Romans 4:2 says that if Abraham's salvation were not entirely of God he would have something to boast of, but of course that is impossible because no man can ever boast of anything before a thrice holy God. Even man's righteousness, his very best deeds, are but filthy rags before God (Isaiah 64:6).

3. Calvinism gives eternal security to the believer. Calvinism promises eternal security to the believer, because it knows that (1) salvation is entirely of God's grace and thus depends nothing whatsoever on man's puny works whether good or bad, (2) God has elected and ordained the saved person to a glorious eternal inheritance, and (3) the saved persevere in the faith through the effective working of the indwelling Holy Spirit. In this it is right on target.

4. Calvinism teaches that the elect will give evidence of their calling. The Calvinist knows that salvation produces a dramatic change in a person's life, and in this he is right on target. Any "salvation" that does not result in a change of life and direction and thinking and purpose is not a biblical salvation.

End of Cloud's Article


  1. Well, David Cloud is at it again, this August 23rd, w/another anti-Calvinism rant. Thank you for preaching the biblical teaching known as Calvinism, and for doing it w/such a delightful irish accent. I loved listening to Bro. Paisley preach while a student at Bob Jones University. Chuck Roberts West Virginia ... USA.

  2. Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for passing by. Thanks too for alerting me to Cloud's latest posting. He posted it a few years ago. I answered him then. I've reposted my answer on this blog:

    Glad you like my Belfast accent #How? ;o)


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