Thursday, 4 July 2013



"Hence let us learn that we OUGHT TO RECEIVE CHRIST WITHOUT DELAY, while he is still present with us, that the opportunity of enjoying him may not pass away from us; for if the door be once shut, it will be vain for us to try to open it. Seek the Lord, says Isaiah, while he may be found; call upon him, while he is near, (Isaiah 55:6.) We ought therefore to go to God early, while the time of his good pleasure lasts, as the prophet speaks, (Isaiah 49:8;) for we know not how long God will bear with our negligence. In these words, where I am, you cannot come, he employs the present tense instead of the future, where I shall be, you shall not be able to come." (Comment on John 7:34)

John Calvin frequently urged sinners to their responsibility in seeking the Lord. For example:

"This assemblage of words makes still more evident what I slightly mentioned a little before, that God leaves nothing undone which is fitted to correct and arouse our tardiness. Yet there is an implied reproof; for they must be excessively stupid who, when they are so gently called, do NOT INSTANTLY OBEY. This is a remarkable passage, from which we see that our whole happiness lies in obeying the word of God. When God speaks in this manner, the object which he has in view is to lead us to life;  and therefore the blame lies wholly with ourselves, because we disregard this saving and life-giving word." (Comment on Isaiah 55:3)

"We ought to learn from this, that, when the Lord delays to punish and to take vengeance, WE OUGHT NOT ON THAT ACCOUNT, TO SEIZE THE OCCASION FOR DELAYING OUR REPENTANCE; for although he spares and bears with us for a time, our sin is not therefore blotted out, nor have we any reason to promise that we shall make a truce with him. LET US NOT THEN ABUSE HIS PATIENCE, BUT LET US BE MORE EAGER TO OBTAIN PARDON."

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