Saturday, 3 August 2013


Read Calvinist books

Had a good time of fellowship with two old mates, whose friendship goes back around 35 years to when we were all young Christians. We used to sit in my parent's home in East Belfast and debate theology into the wee hours of the morning. It's amazing how a simple paperback book can make one a mature theologian after one reading :o) They came down for the day from Newtownards and we went out to John Gowan Books in Co. Fermanagh. This is one of Joel Beeke's haunts. We did the usual things enroute like set the world alright and then spent about an hour and a half browsing over 40,000 second hand books. I had been out a few weeks ago, so I didn't buy much. Picked up Allis on the Church and Prophecy for the grand sum of £2.50 (looked for it the last time) and that was it. The other lads bought a bit more. Recommended Jabez Burn's outlines to the preacher onboard.

Tonight starts the Lough Erne Fundamentalist Convention which will run for this weekend and next, with all week inbetween. I call it our Protestant Novena ;o) The preaching is good, mainly Reformed in character for those who like the #RealMeat. I will probably miss most of it though as I hope to be in Dublin next week for street preaching etc.

I am preaching tomorrow in Sixmilecross FPC, so I'm looking forward to that as well. God is good!  


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