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 This is an unashamedly Protestant blog! I view the Protestant Reformation as one of the greatest moves of the Spirit of God. The Reformation was not a mistake that split the Church of the Living God in two. It was God's people obeying the call of God to separate from the unclean thing (2 Cors 6:14-17) and to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11) I hope you find the following articles helpful. Should there be any Roman Catholic readers, please do not dismiss these pages as those of a "Protestant bigot." I am no such thing. (I am a full time Evangelist working in the largely RC Republic of Ireland) I desire at all times to speak the truth of God in love.

* FB Meyer - Protestant Baptist - Also one quote in graphic
* Baptist historian JT Christian on Baptist Protestants
* Isaac Backus and John Gano and other Protestant Baptists
*  Benjamin Keach on Protestant Baptists
* The Protestant Baptists of Boston
* Baptist Historian JM Cramp on Protestant Baptists
* Baptist Historian Richard Crook on Protestant Baptists
* Baptist Historian Henry Burridge on Protestant Baptists
* Baptist Abraham Booth professing the Protestant religion
* Baptist Historian David Benedict and Protestant Baptists
* The framers of the 1689 Baptist Confession professing Protestantism
* The 1678 Baptists professing Protestantism 
Here ye then what The Trail of Blood Saith
Baptist Historian, Burleson, pleading with God to send Protestant preachers
By the rivers of Babylon - Are Baptists Protestants? 
Baptist Historian, Burleson, pleading with God to send Protestant preachers
By the rivers of Babylon - Are Baptists Protestants? 
James Ireland (VA) Baptist Protestant
Cotton Mather on Colonial Protestants all working together
* North Carolina Baptist Protestants 
* John Payne and his Protestant Baptist friends 
Jehu Shuck - Baptist Protestant missionary
JM Frost - Baptist Protestants 
* WT Thom - Baptist Protestants
* JM Frost - Protestant Baptists
*Which came first - the Protestants or the Baptists? 

William Williams - Protestant Baptists
* GW Paschal and the Protestant Baptists
* The Virginian Baptist Protestants 
George McDaniel Baptist Protestants 
* T.T. Shields Protestant Baptist
* Simpson Creek Baptist Protestantism 
* William Cathcart Baptist Encyclopedia Baptist Protestantism
* Maryland Baptists declaring for the Protestant religion

* Calvin on the difference between Protestantism and Romanism
* Answering the charge that the Protestant Reformatiion could be likened to the Holocaust 
* A look at the Geneva Bible 
* Wise words from Cardinal Wiseman! 
* Did Cain offer the first Mass?  
* Putting your Pastor on a Pedestal and Sola Scriptura
* The Bible only - the religion of Protestants (Graphic)

* A look at the so called miracle of Lanciano
* The Pope kissing the Koran 
* John Wesley on the Pope being Antichrist
* Rome teaching salvation by human merit 
* Rome encouraging us to pray TO Mary and the saints
* The sin offeringsof the Blessed Virgin Mary 
* Mariolatry - Having eyes etc.
* Augustine demonising Romes interpretation of John 6:53
* Augustine: God had no mother  
John Wesley and the Irish woman with the broken crucifix
* What did Vatican II intend to do?  

* Will the real St. Patrick please stand up? 

* Luther's troubled conscience
* Protestant translations and Romans 8:28 
* A look at the Turin Shroud 
* Dr Ian RK Paisley (Obituary)
* Ian Paisley
* David Cloud charge of Protestant corruption 
* Five hymns that capture the sprit of the Protestant Reformation 
* Billy Sunday on the Protestant Reformation   


(Slowly but surely revamping this section of the blog) 

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