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Reviewed for the British Church Newspaper. 

Title of the Book: Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ
Author: John Bunyan Publisher: Banner of Truth
Publisher's address or where the book may be obtained: 3 Murrayfield Road, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH12 6EL
Year of publication: 2004 Number of pages: 230pp
Hardback or paperback: P/B Price: £4.50 ISBN: 0 85151 853 2

John Bunyan needs no introduction, although it may be that many have got no further than his famous Pilgrim's Progress or The Holy War. If so, here is an easy read book with which to go further with this delightful writer. It is a wonderful exposition of John 6:37 All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.  

Here Bunyan in very simple and easy to follow language divides his text up and expounds it bit by bit. Any who think that Calvinism has no message for the sinner should read this book. Its title alone breathes the free offer of the gospel, and we are not surprised to learn that it greatly influenced Andrew Fuller to help free the Baptists from the grip of hyper Calvinism. In typical Puritan style, Bunyan has points and sub points galore with plenty of reasons and applications and answers to various objections. This does not detract from the book if you are content just to be led along in the many teachings which emanate from this text. There is a analysis at the end of the book to chart the whole course. 

Bunyan had the wonderful God given knack of being able to put his finger on some "obscure" verses and bring them into play in his expositions. What a mine the Scripture really is and what a Master of Scripture was the Tinker of Bedfordshire. The book abounds with Bunyan's quaint language. For example, by capitalising the words "SHALL COME" he almost personifies them when answering many objections, practically making them another name for Christ Himself. Again, he tells us that the promise of John 6:37 is a "pot bellied" promise which contains within it many other promises. 

This new edition is attractively produced with a lovely painting adorning the cover of the Church and Village Green in Elstow. It's price certainly keeps it within reach of everyone's pocket. A good buy.

Colin Maxwell. 


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