Monday, 23 September 2013



Ye shall be witnesses unto me... (Acts 1:8)

HERE'S THE PLAN: Heading off today to help set up a gospel marquee at the National Ploughing Championship in Co. Laois in the Irish Republic. Over a dozen Reformed Christians, working under the auspices of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster are involved in the 3 day event, starting tomorrow. The Ploughing Championships are billed as one of the largest events of its kind in Europe with crowds around 70,000 plus each day. We have been witnessing at this event since around 1997 with the gospel tent set up being in operation for about 8 years. We have free Bibles, NT's and good evangelistic literature on the table and last year we served around 1500 cups of tea/coffee and many good conversations. Some of the men plan to spend their day helping distribute some 28,000 gospel calendars which are always well received.

Please pray for this venture. If I don't manage to post here for the next few days, then you will understand why. Keep in touch...


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