Friday, 20 December 2013


Been busy of late with various matters. Realistically, I was never going to keep a post a day (or thereabouts) going. Actually a lot of stuff was being brought across from my paid website which I am closing down mid January, although some fresh stuff is being prepared as well.

The weather today in Northern Ireland is wet and stormy - not the traditional Christmas card scene by any stretch of the imagination.  I am working at home on a message for the Lord's Day morning. I'm planning to preach on John 1:14 on John beholding the glory of the only begotten Son of God. A good doctrinal message. 

In this regard, I must relate a book I bought recently, second hand. It might well qualify for one of the most notorious books ever written. It's author was the Methodist apostate, Leslie Weatherhead ("Dunderhead" as Ian Paisley famously and accurately branded him). In his says-it-all book The Christian Agnostic, Dunderhead Weatherhead attacked the veracity of the Virgin Birth of Christ, along with other great Bible truths. He made use of William Barclay's  comments on how every natural birth in Israel at that time was seen as being "by the Holy Spirit." I was only attracted to it by its notority and the fact that the grand sum of £1.00 which I rendered for the distinction of having it on my bookshelf hopefully will help the charity bookshop help some needy person this Christmas. What a difference from this book by Ian Paisley on "Christian Foundations" which grew out of a series of sermons after his confrontation with yet another Methoidst apostate (Wesley could be spinning in his grave) Lord Soper. Amused to see Ian Paisley's book available here, along with his Calvinist commentary on Romans :o) 

That's it for another while (possibly tomorrow) 


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