Monday, 6 January 2014

Week of Prayer

Getting ready to head off to Belfast for the annual Week of Prayer which the Free Presbyterian Church holds the first full week in January for its ministers full and student) and missionaries. I always enjoy this week. Two sessions of prayer each day (morning and afternoon) with a brother opening up the word of God beforehand and hopefully giving us some fuel. The effectual fervant prayer of righteous men avail much.

Although I have some articles in reserve, it is unlikely that I will get posting them while I am away. Do take time, however to look round the site here at old posts. I'll be back for the weekend. 

"All arrangements", as Mr Mitchell down in the Iron Hall used to remind us, "are made subject to the Lord's permissive will" 

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  1. Update: We had a great time at the week of prayer w/ good expositional and Christ centred preaching in the Reformed manner and a really good spirit of prayer. I have come home really encouraged.


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