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Baptist History

"So between you and me and no one else with big ears..."
Baptist History can be a very tetchy subject. Especially (obviously) to Baptists but less so to non Baptists like me. I get involved, but I haven't come prepared to die in the ditch.

 Very slight detour: Pastor Amsbaugh's article on keeping young fundamentalists in the camp is still causing waves a week on. Some like it, others (some behind their Twitter burqas) not so keen.

For a start, it could never be said that the tweeter called @NeedRevivalTed drank it all in and came back for a refill. Read his time line around March 17th. Read his multiple tweets on this issue and see how he believes that Baptists have seriously compromised by having anything to do with Fundamentalists and Protestants etc. He really does come across as a Baptist on steroids. It is oozing out his pores.  Underneath the indexes below (well out of sight) I'll put a screen shot of some of his stuff. It's all there with the multiple ?????!!!!!!'s etc.

Back on the main road again: When the likes of #NRT talks about #BaptistHeritage i.e. hankering after the good ole days of circuit riding evangelists and camp meetings and established NT churches located somewhere near a deep enough river, who are they talking about? People like themselves? Baptists who wouldn't touch Protestants with a ten foot pole? People who today would be observed entering #IFB churches and who could give you 5 reasons why (to quote #NRT's own words) they believe Reformed theology is STINKING (emphasis his)? 

If this is the case, then we must ask what planet does #NRT build his Tabernacle on? Or (to change the metaphor) how he can miss the elephant in the room?

One advantage I have in observing the steroids type Baptists is that they introduce me to names (particularly in American Baptist History) that I had never heard of before. My friend #Wylie used to do it introducing me to men like BH Carroll etc. This is before locking his account became the greater part of valour.

#NRT introduced me to JT Christian. In fact, ##NRT enthused quite a bit about him, gushingly describing him as "quite arguably the most important BAPTIST (emphasis his) historian who ever lived. Born in 1854, he lived in a pivital [sic] time." So I looked #JTC up in Google and this led to me to an interesting article that really must have got on #NRT's goat. (Not sure if that is a phrase that travels the Atlantic. It means: must have annoyed him) According to #JTC, the old Baptists of sturdy #BaptistHeritage stuff were "the most thorough going of all the Protestant sects" and again, that they were of sound evangelical faith, specifically identified as being the Calvinist faith

No one is claiming that every last Baptist was a Calvinist or took the name of Protestant. But many of them were and some did. Those who didn't measure up to either of these noble positions certainly co-operated with those who did. You are going to have to forgive me for simply listing the links below where I develope this theme more. As much as I would love to weave the information found therein (and documented) into a more readable text in this post, I have other pressing duties at the moment. 

Suffice to say this (as captured in the
previous mentioned post about my friend #Wylie) Baptist History isn't particularly kind to the steroid Baptists who spit out the word Calvinist as a swear word and who think Protestants are daughter churches of the great Babylonian whore. If you could transport them back in time to their supposed and hankered after golden age and they maintained the position they advocate now, the Protestant Baptists of the frontier would be mighty glad to see them get back into the time machine and get out of sight. I have more in common with the likes of Shubal Stearns and Sandy Creek than the steroid Baptists of 2014. And I am a Presbyterian. 

* Ancient Protestantism by Spurgeon (Graphic)  
 Don't forget the screen shot below the Indexes :o)



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