Monday, 9 June 2014

Dabney Confederate you can see I am in Confederate mood today. I mention it on the heading of this blog, so don't be surprised if I make mention of it every now and again. Click here and get a nice banjo  version of Dixie playing, just to get in the mood. Or if you want Bob Dylan's crackly old voice to bring a tear to your eye, then click here too. Years ago, I read Johnstone's 'Life and letters of RL Dabney" and thus another Confederate was born. As an Ulster Protestant, living in the United Kingdom, who totally loathes the political interference of the European Union, I can identify with the South (many of whom who were Ulster Scots) in their fight for 'states rights'. Loads of my friends here in Ulster are Confederates too. Maybe some day we can organise a trip to Virginia etc.

I am a big fan too (if that's the word) of Robert L. Dabney. His Systematic Theology is a gem.  I have 3/5 of his volumes on various subjects in hard copies, with them all on my Kindle. (Downloaded free) BTW: I haven't time to chase up all the links, but they are out there if you look for them. Dabney was a big defender of the AV. His first charge was among the Scotch Irish (Ulster Scots) in the Presbyterian church in Tinkling Springs in VA. They nearly broke his heart at times, but he said that they were a very loyal people for all that. (Sounds familiar.)

Sprinkle Publications produce a lot of Confederate/Reformed stuff. Pay them a visit too. They have Dabney's highly recommended bio of Stonewall Jackson, of whom I speak here and here

Fair faa ye!  

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