Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Broken Crucifix

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I had a very profitable time evangelising last week at Knock Shrine in Co. Mayo, with several good solid conversations with some of the more devout and knowledgeable pilgrims. One of these lasted about 90 minutes. I operated a small booklet display from my camper van which is parked on the main street and not a few stopped to speak with me.  One woman told me that she loved her Bible in the King James translation (which, she said, she carried with her.) She said that she was reading books by the old Evangelical preacher, Andrew Murray. Several booklets and preaching CD's were taken along with material from Dick Keogh.  Another man recognised Rev. Larry Power's name on the back of a booklet and spoke about meeting him in the FPC tent at the Ploughing Championship. Two RC missionaries to Africa (priests) took a copy each of the Bible with them also.

A recent addition to the display is a large print open Bible (actually only the four gospels plus the Psalms) which I give centre place. Key verses e.g. John 14:6 are highlighted. An eighty year old nun asked me to read her some of the Bible, so I read her John 14:1-6 one day and John 10:27-28 the next. This display affords me a visible proof that we ought to give the word of God key place in our worship. Romanism focuses the mind of her followers either on a wafer or on a plaster cast idol. Protestantism draws the eye and the heart to the very inspired word of God.

While recognising that last week's blessings do not automatically run into this week, I am going back to Knock again today. 

John Wesley evangelised mightily among the Roman Catholics of Ireland. (As did George Whitefield.) Two of Wesley's Irish preachers were particularly effective i.e. John Graham and Gideon Ousley who would preach from their horses at Irish fairs etc. It was certainly no place for the faint hearted. Wesley wrote a small Protestant catechism exposing the doctrinal errors of the Roman Catholic Church. 

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