Saturday, 1 November 2014

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Yesterday (Reformation Day) was pretty busy on Twitter. Thankfully, I had the day off here in what has proved to have been a very busy week. Having said that, I also prepared a PowerPoint presentation in the afternoon for some meetings over the next few months between tweets. 

As a Presbyterian Calvinist, I seem to do better out of Baptist History than many of those who put half a dozen adjectives (slight exaggeration) before their BAPTIST sign. Throw me some names from the archives of Kentucky or Texas of wherever and I'll follow them up  when or if I get time. And I'll post them here if they were Calvinist or called themselves Protestant. And if not? Well, here is the reason of this particular blog post. 

Sometimes I get to rejoice in the ministry of those who tick a lot of my boxes. An obvious example would be John Calvin or Robert Murray McCheyne. Presbyterian, Protestant and Calvinist.

Some cannot tick the Presbyterian box, but they identify themselves as Protestants and Calvinists. Spurgeon would come to mind here. He wasn't certainly Presbyterian, even if he did praise the Westminster Confession of Faith and its Shorter Catechism. I must mention BH Carroll in this regard too. 

Some cannot tick either the Presbyterian or Calvinist box, but they were Protestant. John Wesley comes to mind here. Obviously not a Calvinist - although this is an interesting claim - nor Presbyterian, but a good old Protestant for all that.  

Yet (coming now to my point) no matter what human name, whether Baptist or Presbyterian or Calvinist etc., which a man takes, (or doesn't take) if he is first and foremost a CHRISTIAN, then in this wider name I can still rejoice. Indeed, this is the always the first and foremost reason I rejoice. True, it is not often stated, but simply because on a blog like this, it is taken for granted. Presbyterianism, Calvinism, Protestantism or any other -ism never saved a soul. Spurgeon once said that he wouldn't cross the road to make a man a Baptist. But it is the name of Christ that makes the difference. 

 Always a pleasure to learn of those from long ago who blazed a trail for God from whatever denomination. "Forbid them not because they follow not us" was sound and blessed counsel. 


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