Sunday, 30 November 2014

Winning The Non Elect?

A divided church is a weak church. To win and reach a lost and dying world for Christ with the gospel of free salvation for “all” is the central theme of the Word of God. Calvinism brings serious damage into our churches rendering them weak and powerless, and as well subverts the simple plan of salvation. To say that booklets such as this cause division in the church is in deep error. The truth is Calvinism brings division and strife into local churches, Christian colleges and seminaries, and must be stopped that the true message of free salvation for all can go forth in power and victory. It is this author’s goal and delight, to win the so called “non-elect” to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Let’s go soul winning today! “How shall they hear without a preacher and how shall they preach except they be sent?” Romans 10:14. Terry Lee Miller Sr. presently resides alone in Elgin, S.C. and is the father of 4 grown children. He is an avid soul winner active in the prison ministries and as well is involved in writing apologetic Christian literature. His favorite motto is “Truth will stand examination.”
Oh dear! At the risk of someone reading these words and still  buying the above book, I'll link to it anyway. If the blurb is anything to go on, only the gullible will swallow it and (as said before) it is only a matter of time before they get caught on somebody's hook anyway. 

There is a number of things I could comment on, but I will limit my remarks to two. 

1) Calvinists agree that the gospel invite is for "all" and by that we mean "all without any exception." 

2) Who are these "non elect" which the blurb speaks about? If we sealed all the exits in a shopping mall and filtered out the hundreds of shoppers, could he with any authority divide the sheep from the goats? Certainly, no Calvinist purports to be able to do it. How are we to say that shopper #562, although not yet professing faith in Christ, will never ever come to the Saviour? Calvinism sees all men still alive as potentially elect. We use the potentially here, because we have no insight into the Lamb's Book of Life to see whose names are written there. Therefore, as in the first point, we preach to all indiscrimately. We seek to knock on every last door and press a gospel tract into every last hand. 

No matter what your views on election might be i.e. whether you are an Unconditional Election man or a Conditional Election man, if you are within New Testament Christianity, you do not believe that the non elect will ever be saved. That is why (to state the glaringly obvious) they are non elect. 

Enough said...


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