Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Not sure why I bother purging my library at times, because I often buy back the same books, although at greatly reduced prices. Some places do paperback books at 3 for £1 (paperbacks) which is great value. Recent aquirements include:

Complete in Him (Mike Barrett) Subtitled: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Gospel

This book expounds the subjective side of salvation i.e. regeneration and conversion etc., from a Reformed viewpoint. 

William Huntington:
Law and Grace Contrasted
Divine Meditations 

Both these books are edited and abridged by John Metcalfe - a man of whom I know very little. He ran/runs a Publishing Trust that prints his own works which often tell us of his "years of painstaking research"(a bit OTT?) I have/had his book where he argued against the Westminster Confession of Faith teaching that the believer was still subject to the moral law as a rule of life. To say he pulled no punches would be understatement of the year. Those who teach such things were hung, drawn and quartered in very vitriolic language. Well and good (if that is what he thought). However, in the back page, he gave a list of authors whom the JMPT published, and they included men like Calvin, McCheyne and others who taught the very "hellish doctrine" the same book was lambasting. At this stage, Metcalfe's estimation (IMO) plummeted. Be careful little fingers what you typeset... 

I partly digress. Only partly, because it is no surprise that the JMPT should reprint some of Huntington's works, especially Law and Grace Contrasted. Huntington himself was rare enough. I read his bio by the German writer (whose name escapes my memory as I quickly type) He attracted great crowds to his church in the south of England - a fact that made AW Pink suspicious ( but that too opens up a can of worms) - where he taught Hyper Calvinism and Antinomianism. I actually have all his works buried deep in my Kindle somewhere, but couldn't resist the two books above for less than £1 between them. He is a very engaging writer, but I will read with extreme care. 

 In the Beginning - Short Conversations of Genesis  (Paul Taylor) From Answers in Genesis which are more thought providers/starters rather than anything deep. 

Letters from a Soviet Prison Camp (Mikhail Khorev) 1986 (Baker)  An older book. The concern of this persecuted brother even when languishing in the Gulags was ever the spiritual progress of his sons. It gives too some of the court transcripts of his trials. Interesting reading. 

I am currently reviewing John Blanchard's book Why are you here on the meaning of life  for the British Church Newspaper which is quite engaging. 

As I have said before, so many book. So little time...  

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