Saturday, 24 January 2015

Gowan Books Again

 I went this morning to see my old friend John Gowan and got a few books, new and second hand.

The only new purchase was  Reformation Heritage Study Bible edited by Joel Beeke and Mike Barrett. I haven't even removed the wrapping from it as I type. Looking forward to doing that tonight when I have a chance to relax. 

I also  picked up a h/b copy of the New Geneva (NKJV) Study Bible edited by RC Sproul. I already had this in a superior leather edition (ESV) which I traded in against this and the RH Study Bible mentioned above. The footnotes in these Bibles will be the standard Reformed ones, along with helpful articles on various topics.

Looking forward to using these Bibles in future sermon preparation and indeed in ordinary reading of the Bible for personal devotions.

I picked up a h/b copy of William Hendriksen on Galatians. (Banner of Truth) I have all of WH's commentaries now with the sole exception of Matthew's Gospel. He is very balanced and helpful.

Another good purchase was a h/b copy of The Old Evangelicalism subtitled Old Truths for a New  Awakening by Iain Murray. Again, BOT, this is a very helpful book by a current master author. It deals with the doctrines of the old time preachers. Mostly Calvinist, yet he takes in AW Tozer and also General Booth. The emphasis is on the great Christian doctrines and not the modern substitute that flies under the #oldpaths flag of supposed dress standards or music etc. I certainly believe these other things have their place, but they are fast becoming in some circles the be all and end all of what is supposed to be "old time religion" but really a modern wannabe.

Three Views on ther Millenium and Beyond  (Zondervan) by Craig A Balising and others (p/b) s one of the those classic examples of Christians with differing viewpoints getting the chance of stating their own position and critiquing each others. As stated before, I have A-Mill views but I am always willing to take on board other view points for consideration. I am certainly not closed minded. The ministers in the FPC (Ulster) would divide down Pre-Mill (but defintely non Dispensational) and A-Mill lines with a smaller number of Post Mills in the ranks. I must admit that I don't envy those folks sitting in churches where there is one strict interpretation (usually Dispensationalism) allowed and none other. IMO, the fundamental doctrine on which there can be no compromise is the literal and physical return of Christ. Outside that, the jury is still out on many of the details. Each to their own, I suppose.

In the last couple of years, I have become more acquainted with the writings of J.I. Packer. I find them helpful. I try to divorce myself from his Anglican Churchman antics and just appreciate the solid doctrinal stuff which he manages to serve up so well in his books. I got Vol. 4 of his Collected Shorter Writings (Paternoster Press) which includes articles on Calvin, Luther and various theological subjects.This book is in h/b.

Last but not least, I got the small p/b book by Joel Beeke entitled: How to evaluate sermons (Evangelical Press) which does what it says it does on the tin. 

If within travelling distance, I encourage you to visit John Gowans bookshop and/or visit his website. You can also follow him on Twitter.  He has over 20,000 books in stock.

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