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Whosoever will -except Calvinists

Let's cut to the chase here. (I've plenty to do this morning.) Our @BaptistTours friends don't knowingly allow Calvinists to follow them on Twitter, but they do actively promote Calvinistic Baptists from the past (like John Gano and William Hickman) and, last year, visited, photographed and reported on their pilgrimage to the grave of Protestant, Anglican, baby sprinkler, and fervent 5 point Calvinist George Whitefield.  

Maybe some reader can explain the mentality that is at work here. Preferably with Bible verses, but I'll settle for the simple logic. 

Assuming that the beheading stuff above is an attempt at humour, rather than a classic case of paranoia, why would anyone prevent #Calvinists from following them on Twitter?   If Calvinists are heretics blah, blah, blah, then why print books and organise bus tours that enthusically promote them? Again, I must point out that these Baptist groups are doing an invaluable work in their historical research. Which is why I try and keep up with their findings. A mighty pioneer evangelist preaches in colonial and post colonial America. His name is well nigh lost to modern Christians. These #BaptistHeritage groups see him as a Baptist, while I see him as a Calvinist. (Both designations, IMO, ought to be second to seeing him as a useful servant of Jesus Christ. That is always taken for granted and needs not be formally stated.) Furthermore, I fail to see how sticking a He-was-a-Baptist plaster on the festering gash of He-was-also-a-five-point-Calvinist-heretic is going to work. Again, I'll willingly let some informed or up-for-the-challenge reader lead us all gently along on this point. 

Secondly, if Calvinists are so wrong, are we beyond the pale of redemption? Will we be damned at the last along with Gano and Hickman and Whitefield and all these other Calvinists which the Baptist Tours rave about while their heads are in the anti Calvinist sand? Developing my theme here, is believing Calvinism the unpardonable sin from which no forgiveness may ever be had once embraced? Does the mark of Cain flash from our foreheads like the dread red light in the dashboard of an aircraft? If not, would it not be better to share the gospel with us so that their "whosoever will" cry isn't quite as meaningless as their stand on dead Calvinistic Baptist heroes from the past?

That said, you don't have to formally follow them on Twitter anyway to see what they are up to next. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and I'll keep you informed. As old or new Calvinist names appear, I'll post appropriate tweets or blog posts here, along with verifiable references. Of course, not  every name they post up and enthuse about can be proved to be Calvinist. The available evidence often does not prove the matter one way or the other and therefore I make no claims. However, I must wonder (until evidence becomes available) how many of them actually were Calvinists or (at the very least) worked with them in the vineyard of God? My guess is the vast majority. Just as well that they are dead because places on the pilgrimage coach to their graves are pretty limited and it would be ironic if they were banned from going to their own grave because of perceived heretical views. There's nobody does irony better than a certain brand of IFB.

Calvinistic Baptist stuff here: (Some of which, BTW, was supplied from information garnered from the BaptistTours and other anti Calvinist historians)

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George Whitefield stuff:


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