Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hamblin and CHS

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Mr #Hamblin's original tweet appeared to become very elusive to find not long after he posted it. I drew attention to it immediately originally put it up (I am one of the two there who RTed it) and it appeared  to go AWOL for a long time as far as the serach engines were concerned. But hey! he that seeks shall find and after all the perseverance of the saints, it turned up today. 

You can access these sermons associated with the opening of the Metropolitan Tabernacle online here. You will notice that the opening remarks - a section of which appears above - belong to Spurgeon. He brought in other preachers to preach the Calvinist doctrines which he himself endorsed so fervently. When the foundation stones of the great building were being set, CH Spurgeon arranged for a copy of the Calvinistic 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith to be placed under them. For Spurgeon's own views of each of the 5 points of Calvinism, see:

Spurgeon on the Westminster Confession of Faith (Graphic)
Spurgeon on the WCF Shorter Catechism (Graphic)
Spurgeon on the necessity of Creeds  

Spurgeon recommending Calvin's Institutes (Graphic) 
Spurgeon (with others) on the sinner striving to enter in (Graphic)
Spurgeon on reconciling Divine Sovereignty and Man's responsibility (Graphic)  

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