Friday, 10 April 2015

Chatty Wee Post

Every now and again, I do what a call a "chatty wee post" usually about books and what have you. I thought I would include it here among all this Baptists-are-Protestants stuff of the last few posts. 

As a family, we were off this Easter week. The weather has been glorious We attended the FPC Easter Convention on Monday (here and here for the preaching) which was really encouraging. Preached at the monthly Prayer Meeting in Brakey Orange Hall in Co. Cavan on Psalm 85:6 "Wilt thou not revive us again..." etc using PowerPoint. Today, with my wife and 12 year old son, we leafleted homes on a five mile stretch of road advertising a Gospel Mission our church is hosting in Moybrone Orange Hall (Letterbreen) in Co. Fermanagh, starting on the Lord's Day for two weeks.  A few copies of John's Gospel were also passed on. We got into Enniskillen this afternoon for our coffee. Did some of the charity shops, picking up the following:

"Bible Truths Unmasked" by FJ Dake. Mint condition (h/b) A short theology book on various subjects, mainly relating to salvation of the soul and healing of the body. Somewhat out of kilter with the Bible, but interesting to have. 

"A Man called Peter" - bio of Peter Marshall by his wife. Funny, our local FPC minister was with us on Wednesday night and referred to it. 

"Don't Waste Your Life" (John Piper) Not a big fan of Piper, but they were practically giving it away.

Nice KJV Bible (Oxford) with nice print (albeit red print in the gospels) with cheap enough leatherette back on it.

Back to work proper next week again. Looking forward to the weekend. Not preaching anywhere (yet) then busy again afterwards. Will soon be back on the road in my camper van now that Easter is over and the caravan parks are opening up again. 


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