Friday, 10 July 2015

Holidays July 2015


OK, some chatty stuff. I spent from Monday to Friday (today) with my family in the absolutely beautiful north coast of Northern Ireland, staying in the holiday home in Portstewart of a friend. Our trip started off by going to the most northern part of the island of Ireland (Malin Head) which (wait for it) is actually in Southern Ireland. That will confuse every one except those of us in the know. Hint: Southern Ireland as such doesn't exist. But it is the natural phrase to use for the Irish Republic if we use the term Northern Ireland. IOW: The most northern part of the island of Ireland is not in the UK, but "in the south" (to use another obvious term). Enough. 

While south of the border I picked up two commentaries (1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians) from the IVP Bible Speaks Today series which Ryan Hayden seems to like here. If I had paid full wack, they would have set me back £20.00 sterling. However, I got two pretty clean copies in a charity shop for €1.50 (Euro) which works out £1.20 sterling total. Other book buys include TC Hammond's classic little (Calvinist) theology book In Understanding Be Men (also IVP) for a few pennies. I already have some of these, but they are good to give away to young believers. I also picked up F. LaGard Smith's When Choice becomes God book on how Pro choice thinking is killing America's soul. A mint copy of Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People also adorns my bookshelves now, again for a few pennies (50p) William Barclay's commentary on Galatians and Ephesians helped me up a 3 for £1 trio. FTR: Barclay was a modernist and a Universalist, so definitely not recommended. An interesting find was a nice clean copy the New Testament "Recovery version" with extensive notes from someone calling himself "Witness Lee" of whom I know nothing, but leaves me wondering. Again, mention here is not an endorsement. 

The weather wasn't kind but still, it was a time away as a family and pretty relaxing. Watched Foyle's War last night on the TV which provided its usual entertainment value. Over the week, my wife and I did a few cryptic crosswords - one full one and cleaned up a few old ones that never got completed. I really must blog on cryptic crosswords some day. 

Spent a fair bit of time (and my 3G supply) on Twitter with a few Twitter friends, mainly over Calvinism and whether regeneration precedes faith in Christ or flows from it. It is still rumbling on. 



  1. Have heard of Watchman Nee who used to work as missionary with Lee. Once tried to reason with a young man who was a proponent of Lee/Nee. Very confusing doctrine. Some of it sounds right but with some biblical discernment you realize that something is off. They don't use biblical terms when they describe doctrine, but have their own catchphrases, etc. and it comes across odd.

  2. I haven't had time to read any of these notes. I soon picked up the Watchman Nee connection. An interesting find, nevertheless. Will use with discernment. Thanks for dropping by.


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