Thursday, 31 December 2015

More Book stuff

Back to my love affair with books. Where I am at the moment: 

Currently reading Jeremiah's prophecy in the Bible in my own private reading. Using Calvin's Commentary on this OT book. I'm into chapter 12. Calvin lectured on this book in Geneva, so basically following his lectures. Will take a while but hey!  what's the hurry? Also reading in Mark's gospel with the help of John Trapp. Spurgeon said that he could read Trapp when he was too tired to read anyone else. Trapp isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoy him. His commentary would have been greatly improved if he had given the English translation of the many Latin phrases he saw fit to use. In our family devotions, we just started into 1 John. 

Also got my bookmarker in JI Packer's "Fundamentalism and the word of God" which is very good. Plus "God's Bankers" by Gerald Posner (secular book on the Vatican finances) for easy reading. 

Downloaded quite a few freebie books during the past few days on Amazon for Kindle and also the app that lets you read them on the PC. I read very few books on my PC, but use it for reference purposes. 

Decided to buy the John MacArthur Study Bible on Kindle for the low price of £3.99 I haven't got round to seriously studying it yet, but it's there like many another commentary to be used when necessary. You can't go wrong, as the man wisely said. 

Limiting Omnipotence - The Consequences of Calvinism (David Dunlap) Gospel Folio Press Seems to be a Plymouth Brethren book attacking Calvinism. I can't back up this statement with facts, but I do suspect that the writer will attack Hyper Calvinism, but dress it up as Calvinism. I hope not, because such books. articles etc are 10 a penny and overpriced at that. But we will see. It set me back a mere £1 so the loss will not be great. I notice how he attacks Calvinists for interpreting the enduring to the end in Matthew 24:13 as referring to eternal salvation. Perhaps he is unaware that non Calvinist and Brethren writer HA Ironside took the same position? Sometimes I wish I had the time to really sit down and go through these type of books line by line. Let them throw at us what they will - Calvinism has been around for quite a while and (as I often tweet) they enjoy the fruits of it in their libraries and hymnbooks etc. 

Be ye holy - the call to Christian Separation (Fred Moritz) One of the very few books I own published by BJU Press. It has an index which might prove useful. 

The Fight (John White) Subtitled "A practical handbook for Christian living"  (IVF) I imagine it does what it says it will do on the tin. I have seen a few of these books about and this author's name, but he remains an unknown entity to me beyond that. 

The Scot in America and the Ulster Scot (Whitelaw Reid) Books Ulster - The Ulster Scots Academy. This is a secular book about my "ain fowk" i.e. the Ulster Scot of whom men like BH Carroll spoke so movingly here


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