Saturday, 19 March 2016

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Athlone St Pats Day Parade
Been a busy week this week. Usual Monday work with taking the Assembley in Clogher Valley Independent Christian School (Studying the Book of Nehemiah) and then the Lower Secondary Scripture Class where the life and times of the Apostle Paul has held our attention since September. We covered Acts 21 last week. On Monday night, I led the gospel meeting down in a community centre in Swords in Co. Dublin, but there was little interest despite a big outreach effort the previous Saturday. Two converted RC's came into the meeting, including a Hungarian man who had studied for 5 years to become a priest before getting saved. Wednesday saw me in solo outreach in Cavan Town and then I joined up with another believer from the FPC outreach work in Athlone for the St. Patrick's day parade. The picture on the left is neither me nor my friend -  You know what they say: If at first you don't succeed, then fire eating is not for you. BTW: Don't try this at home. Or if you do and it doesn't work out, don't leave any evidence that you got the suggestion from this blog :o) We gave out many copies of Dick Keogh's booklets on St. Patrick and "Easter in Ireland" which were well received. Very few were thrown away. We preached in the open air twice - once beside the 1921 IRA monument in the town at a busy traffic junction. Several people stood for a while on the balcony of the hotel opposite and listened to the preaching. One RC man in the other location got a bit nasty, but nothing beyond a few verbals. The sowing has been done - we look to God to give the increase according to His sovereign will on the matter. 

I usually take Friday's off - coffee with the missus in Enniskillen is a nice relaxation. There are a number of charity shops in Enniskillen and always the chance to pick up some Christian books at good prices. This week's hoke brought me:

William Tyndale by JR Broom (Gospel Standard Trust publications)  (available here on .pdf file)
Jesus Christ and Him crucified by Martyn Lloyd Jones (Banner of Truth)
Dialogue with a Muslim friend by James Cunningham (Open Doors)
Gideon by Jeff Lucas (Authentic Publishers)

Last night, I preached at the Parent's Open Night in the last for the season children's meeting in Fintona Independent Methodist Church. The room was packed with some unsaved parents in - including some RC's for the first time. After the children sang and recited Scripture verses etc., I used the PowerPoint and spoke on the Saviour's parable of the merchant man finding the Pearl of Great Price. There was a lovely supper afterwards. 

After I finish this article, time to get into the study of messages for a late booking for Londonderry FPC tomorrow. The booked preacher has broken his foot and cannot come. So there goes my only non preaching Lord's Day between now and the middle of May. Monday night sees another booking engagement back in Athlone again for the monthly gospel meeting in the prince of Wales hotel.

So that's it for another while. Interesting days on Twitter too during the breaks. The doctrines of sovereign grace are too unpalatable for some professing believers. But still - they are comforting to me and millions more. The Lord has decreed that His church will be built through the means of evangelism. And therefore, as the hymn writer so wondering put it: "Onward we go, no doubt or fear."  See you around. Fair faa ye!


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