Saturday, 27 August 2016

#WhatThinkYe? Audioboo

I have been on audioboom for quite a while under my weecalvin (Now defunct) identity. This was before I got hacked on Twitter and had to change my Twitter name to @weecalvin1509, but I saw no need to update the original name on audioboom. I wrote a whole spiel about the 3 minute limit that existed (if I remember right at that time) for those of us who choose not to pay for their services.  This suited me down to the ground. for reasons stated.

I didn't keep up the weecalvin audiboom exercises. I effectively stopped recording for two main reasons:

(1) Some of the 3 minute recordings didn't actually record. Or at least, they won't play back on my computer while some others do. This was very discouraging. All that time and effort for nothing. If you press on some of the programmes listed, you will find - or at least I did - that they just sit there mute. This is particularly annoying because I had developed the tendency to do a series of messages on one subject and a missing message upset the whole flow of thought.

(2) It takes quite a bit of effort to write a script for a 3 minute podcast and then record it to a satisfactory standard. I just don't have the time to spare. 

However, I found some recent inspiration from my old Twitter friend and blogger, Pastor Ryan Hayden of Mattoon Bible Baptist Church in IL who is a bit of a techy. He does an excellent podcast called A Minute With Jesus which I enjoy very much. (I notice that he claims in his blog to have "restarted" it - maybe all podcasters get waylaid from time to time?) As indicated, it only lasts about 60 seconds, which is a lot less work (more than a third, BTW) than the 3 minute stuff. So, I have started another  audioboom podcast. I had to fish around for a title before deciding to call it "What Think Ye?" My introductory broadcast dealing with the reason behind the title is here.

My once broad Belfast accent has modified over the years, but hasn't gone away. Many people over the world adore the Belfast accent. The rest of us positively cringe, but that's another story :o) Like Ryan's efforts, each podcast is about 1 minute long.  I write the script out by hand - as I still do in my regular Lord's Day sermons - and in my  semi legible scrawl, a minute's reflections takes about 11 lines on a jotter page. After a while, I will get a #WhatThinkYe? index up and running on this blog, but it is early days yet. I hope to regularly podcast as time permits. I invite you to join with me.



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