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Spurgeon's Own Calvinism



* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Total Depravity 
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Unconditional Election  
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Particular Redemption 
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Irresistible Grace  
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints

If anyone dares tell you that "Spurgeon was not a Calvinist" - then send him over here :o) The homework has been done. We let the great man, noted for his ability to articulate his own faith, speak for himself.

In the preface of his first volume of sermons, the great Calvinist preacher, CH Spurgeon, wrote: "The word Calvinism, is frequently used here as the short word which embraces that part of divine truth which teaches that salvation is by grace alone, but it is not hence to be imagined that we attach any authority to the opinion of John Calvin, other than that which is due to every holy man who is ordained of God to proclaim his truth."

Note: Spurgeon often made references to Calvinism being traced back to the Puritans then Calvin, then Augustine, Paul and to Jesus Christ. I have omitted any references to such statements due to their frequency. I have also tried to keep what CH Spurgeon's own comments. In Volume 7, other men preached on Calvinism at the opening of the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Although CHS was on the platform and allowed their statements to be included in the printed sermons, obviously concurring with all that was said, yet when all is said and done, they were not Spurgeon's sayings. Volume 7 contains a rich mine of Calvinistic statements. The reference system is simply volume and page number i.e. the first reference is to Volume 1 page  


No authority attached to John Calvin other than that which is due to every holy man of God (1:3) Used for shortness (1:3) A nickname (1:100) Calvin not it's author (1:172) Loved Calvinism more than England's name - but if it was wrong - let it perish (1:380) Cared not for human authorities - used them to vindicate his ancient faith from charge of heresy or hyper Calvinism (1:552) Sometimes Crisp, Gill or Calvin is made the standard - CHS has gone beyond that - would not be shut up in the little iron cages (1:444) Would not fear to be called Arminian when he urged men to chose whom they would serve (3:131) Calvinists will not praise John Calvin in Heaven (4:367) Cared little what Calvin said or did not say - Calvin was a nobody to him although he preached substantially what Calvin preached (4:598) Often afraid lest he prefer Calvinism to Calvary and prevent the sinner getting near to Christ (5:810) Arminians won't go beyond Arminius or Wesley Many Calvinists hold Gill or Calvin as their ultimate authority. Time to break up the systems and to believe the word whether taught by these men or not (6:238) Prepared to go a long way for charity's sake. Much discussion even between Arminians and Calvinists not been about vital truth but how it should be stated (6:395) Good Calvin - his remarks are always weighty and always excellent (6:445) Calvin the grandest expositor ever - often cut his own institutes to pieces because he did not always attempt too give a passage a Calvinistic meaning (6:445) Men can go to hell as rapidly with high Calvinism as with any other (6:221) The torment of Calvinists in hell (10:300) Calvin no more the author of Calvinism than CHS was (6:549) Calvinism was burnt into his soul (7:156) Would not bind himself to Gill's body of divinity or anyone's - only Christ's (7:308) Controversy with Arminianism exceedingly important but eternal life does not depends on it (7:545) We do not impute any extraordinary importance to Calvin having taught these doctrines (7:546) We would call them by another name if we could find one better understood (7:546) Held Calvinistic truth so dear (7:867) Against a sound creed we have nothing to say…but we must exalt Christ rather than Calvinism. Much as we love the Master's throne, we love the Master better still (8:572) Would rather be inconsistent with himself (his theology) than with Bible (10:284) Doctrines of grace ought never to have been called Calvinism - they are Biblical (10:382) Some men hang on what Calvin did - we must hang on what Jesus did (10:462) Would listen to opinions of Calvin etc., with great respect but denied him any authority in the Church of God i.e. sola scriptura (10:668) Asked if a Calvinist…wished to be called nothing but a Christian (10:870) Held in the main to Calvin's doctrinal views (10:870) Believe in Calvinism but not do not reject Arminian truth - do not put your feet into Chinese shoes to be squeezed into an orthodox shape (11:42) Whether you are Calvinists or Arminians - be first and chiefly Christians following Christ (12:18) Satan does not care if he takes you to hell as a Calvinist (12:620) To rest any church practice upon Calvin puts Christ out of His proper place (13:355) Call it Calvinism or Arminianism or whatever ism…if it's in the book, you have to account for it (13:581) Believed most firmly in Calvinism (13:879) A strong Calvinist after Calvin's order - as firm a believer in Calvinism as any man living (14:20) Never wish a verse was just a little bit more Calvinistic or twist it to make it so (14:132) We who are called "Calvinists" (14:707) Not sufficient to say "So said John Calvin" - who is Calvin? - respected as the opinion of your fellow servant, but in no respect as a doctor or authoritative teacher in the church-for Christ alone is Rabbi, (14:761) Calvin occupies the place of Christ in some quarters (14:770) Solid peace with God is not through the mere reception of any creed - no matter how Scriptural (15:529) Would not bow down to Calvin - only Jesus (16:253) Some almost worshipped St. Calvin (16:786) May be a sound Calvinism - need to be feel the power of the truth and be born again (17:539) Calvinism and Arminianism often misunderstand one another . Both ought to be fused into one - both contain truth - explains how God is absolutely sovereign and man is absolutely responsible - how God makes men willing (17:597-598) Some 5 point Calvinists have one thing lacking - faith in Jesus Christ (17:670) Would not answer immediately whether he was a Calvinist or an Arminian - but press the point that the enquirer needed to be saved (19:68) Some became Calvinists merely because their preacher was Calvinistic…never searched Bible for themselves (19:644) Do not say "I am of Calvin" - did Calvin redeem you? (20:206) No reason why we should not have a deeper Reformation than that of Calvin (20:291) Calvinism was true before Calvin was born or thought of - did not come from him (20:550) When Calvin leaves Christ - no more to followed than Voltaire himself (20:772) A man fit to mark an era (20:751) Calvin's name breathed terror into his foe's ears (20:751) Though Calvin should beckon you & you esteem him - keep to Scripture (20:879) A believer to the backbone in Calvinism (21:485) One thing to accept the doctrines of grace - another to accept the encrustations formed upon them (21:485) Calvinist right on some points - Arminian right on others - truth on both sides and negative errors also (22:8) We are not to be believers in Calvin - but in Christ (25:684) Cannot tell perhaps if a Christian is a Calvinist or an Arminian - but can tell that his foundation is Christ (25:690) A common salvation held by the Calvinist as well as the Arminian (27:259) Did not agree with the use of Calvin's name at the head of a party (27:411) Some who changed the word of God in certain texts to make it more Calvinistic - guilty of it himself - better to be consistent with the word of God. Was called an Arminian Calvinist and a Calvinist Arminian (27:443-444) Why men ascribed to the Genevan Reformer a doctrine as old as the hills CHS did not know (28:142) Being Calvinistic etc., only covers the wound with a royal garment - it does not heal it (28:321) Calvin not our master but Christ (35:67) Calvinism! I don't care what it is…it is scriptural (35:876) If you only believe something because Calvin taught it - look at your foundations (37:52) God blesses neither Calvinism or Arminianism…but Christ in the sermon (37:559) John Calvin and greater has no right to decree anything in the Church (38:674) Where Calvinism and Arminianism agree: "The Calvinist has said, and said right bravely, that salvation is of grace alone; and the Arminian has said, and said most truthfully, that damnation is of man’s will alone, and as the result of man’s sin, and of that only. Then they have fallen out with one another. The fact is, they had each one laid hold of a truth, and if they could have put their heads together, and accepted both truths, it might have been greatly for the advantage of the Church of Christ. These two doctrines are like tram lines that you can travel on with safety and comfort, these parallel lines-ruin, of man; restoration, of God: sin, of man’s will; salvation, of God’s will: reprobation, of man’s demerit; election, of God’s free and sovereign grace: the sinner lost in hell through himself alone, the saint lifted up to heaven wholly and alone by the power and grace of God. Get those two truths thoroughly engraven upon your heart, and you will then hold comprehensively the great truths of Scripture. You will not need to crowd them into one narrow system of theology, but you will have a sort of duplicate system" (41:500) Badly need men like Calvin - men with bones in their backs, and fire on their lips, with hearts that burn and words that glow with holy fervour (42:13) You could be Calvinist to the backbone and yet not have sought God (43:766) Believed nothing merely because Calvin taught it in the Institutes but because it was in God's word (44:517) Decrees of God were in the Bible before Calvin was born - what right have men to call these doctrines by his name? (45:383) Much that Calvin and Gill did not mention (46:138) You have no right to say you are a Calvinist until you read what Calvin wrote (46:139) True Body of Divinity is not Calvin's Institutes but Christ! (47:258) Saving faith is more than being a 16 ounce to the pound Calvinist (47:466) Accepted title of Calvinists - but with qualification. Not ashamed of it - best name bar the true one - but it came from Christ (47:524-525) Do not derive our inspiration from Calvin's Institutes or commentaries…but Bible (47:525) Better that the gospel be according to God's mind than Calvin's (49:351) Calvin etc., only came to confirm the truth (50:183) Knowing the distinction between Calvin and Zwingli etc., only shows that you are learned - but not that you are saved (51:621) Christians are not to follow Calvin…but Christ (53:562) All teachings that lifts up Calvin in the place of Christ and teaches that his teaching is to be taken as though infallible revelations from Christ are not of God (53:640) Men care not if we say "Thus saith John Calvin" - they want "Thus saith the Lord" (54:333) Salvation is of the Lord (Jonah 2:9) - real old fashioned Calvinism before Calvin was born - the whale could not endure it either (54:455) Jonah's sea trip was better than a university education - became a sound Calvinist (54:642) Make only Christ our model - do not season everything with Calvin - as much as we honour him (57:74) Paul did not say "I know the Institutes of Calvin"…but I know WHOM I have believed" (58:725) May know all the doctrines of Calvinism…but if I do not know Christ, I am lost (58:726) Pleased to hear himself described both as a good man and a "rank Calvinist" - a good description (60:254) Jonah learned his Calvinism in the whale's belly (60:255) "What saith John Calvin?" What do I care what he said (60:767) Calvin did better than CHS (60:768) Only follow Calvin when he follows Christ (61:4) He who is altogether and only a Calvinist only knows half the truth. Take the other side if it is true (61:110) Some wrangle about Calvinism and Arminianism and infralapsarianism etc., …the issue is "Lovest thou me?" (62:375) Say not "I will be taught by Calvin" (62:488) Believed in Calvinism but not Calvinism without Christ which is fatalism (62:606-607) "We Calvinists" (Eccentric Preachers p.90) Did not care for the name of Calvinism but used it to convey meaning (Lectures 2:6) Truth is balanced - man is both responsible and God is sovereign (S&T 2:231) It wasn't Calvin's learnedness that led to the Reformation - it was gospel truth (S&T 3:52) Would not quarrel for or against title of Calvinist (S&T 4:38) We are other things beside Calvinists (S&T 4:38) Had a very sweet tooth for Calvinism (S&T 7:284)


Calvinism is the gospel and nothing else (1:100) We do not preach the gospel unless we preach God's sovereignty or exalt election and base it on particular redemption (1:100) Believed in the 3"R's" of the gospel but the 5 points of Calvinism to be a better epitome (1:212) Verily the revealed truth of God in Christ (1:551) the essential doctrines of Christ's gospel (1:172) not novel or new (1:551) Best sort of gospel ministers who preach the gospel -Calvinists (2:161) God's gospel (2:189) Grace turns us into Calvinists (2:203) An alias for the true gospel (2:221) Epitome of Calvinism - its sum and substance: Salvation is of the Lord (2:345) Calvinism - the fulness of Christ's gospel (3:60) Doctrines of grace can be traced back to the lips of Jesus Christ Himself (3:214) None can read Romans 8 and 9 and deny Calvinism is the sum and substance of the teaching of the Bible - the very pillars of that Gospel now called (3:679) The Bible cannot be understood except by receiving Calvinistic doctrine (3:679) Arminians get it wrong when they deny the doctrine of grace (4:603) Calvinism - 5 great lamps lighting up the Cross (5:603) Would die for Calvinism - but not the test of any man's spiritual state (9:274) Marrow of the gospel (9:278) Truth does not lie between Calvinism and Arminianism…just a barren wilderness (9:450) Calvinism is not the target of faith for everlasting life - it is a Person (9:664) Some saw in the "horrible dogmas of Calvin" the gospel of Christ (11:561) The spirit of grace which breathes in Calvin's Institutes (12:6) Arminians pray wonderfully Calvinistically (18:358) When others retailed rhetorical essays - we preach the gospel - Calvinistic truth (18:699) CHS was not a Calvinist by choice - he could not help it - Calvinism was part and parcel of himself (18:863) Doctrines of Calvin…the old gospel of Christ (19:753) Jonathan Edwards reply that if Calvinism is but a dream - join me in perpetual sackcloth that it is so (20:248) In prayer, we are all Calvinists (24:24) All Christians are thorough Calvinists on their knees and in their hymns (24:543) CHS did not chose to be a Calvinist - believed it because he could not help it (27:52) No inconsistency between Calvinism and the doctrines of responsibility and free agency (29:315) If no one else held Calvinism, then CHS would - he would have to be crushed out of existence before his convictions could be taken from him (30:875) He would be miserable, wretched & lost if Calvinism be not true…and joyous, glad, strong, & happy if they be true (30:875) More CHS read…the more he found these doctrines in the word of God (30:876) Some opposed to doctrine of the grace of God pray as heartily for grace as Calvin himself (34:810) Calvinism has a narrow door but rich pastures within cf. other systems (37:60) Five points of Calvinism are a summary of all doctrine - make us distinct from the rest who have pierced themselves through with many sorrows and erred from the faith - but many other doctrines besides these five which are precious (44: 529) Some believe Calvinism because it was said by Calvin than because it was stated by Christ (46:39) Not afraid to subscribe to the doctrinal statements John Calvin uttered (46:138) Calvinism - essential basement doctrines of our holy faith (47:525) The Bible is the instructor that instructed Calvin (58:314) The teachings and writings of Calvin carried the gospel into the hearts of vast numbers of hearers and readers (58:446) The Arminians in Heaven are Calvinists now (60:254) CHS described his Calvinism as "Salvation to God which sitteth upon His throne" Rev 7:10 (60:254) I preach the doctrines of grace because I believe them to be true; because I see them in the Scriptures; because my experience endears them to me; and because I see the holy result of them in believers. I confess they are none the less dear to me because the advanced school despises them: I should never think it a recommendation of a doctrine that it was new. Those truths which have enlightened so many ages appear to me to be ordained to remain throughout eternity. The doctrine which I preach to you is that of the Puritans: it is the doctrine of Calvin, the doctrine of Augustine, the doctrine of Paul, the doctrine of the Holy Ghost. The Author and Finisher of our faith himself taught most blessed truth which well agreed with our text. The doctrine of grace is the substance of the testimony of Jesus. (Unusual occasions p.230) Calvinism is only Christianity in its bold, naked form (Unusual occasions p.348) We hold to the Calvinism of the Bible (S&T 1:240) Calvinism…the undoubted teaching of the word of God (S&T 1:240) We repudiate extreme views on either side (S&T 1:240) Why attempts to reconcile Arminianism and Calvinism fail (S&T 3:168) Lively Calvinism is a fountain of water (S&T 3:242) Calvinism does not pinion the wings of the angel of the Church (S&T 3:314)

Would submit it to the searching of the Bible (1:172) Would not barter it for 50,000 other gospels (1:265) Calvinism saved the Baptist denomination (1:312) Salt in the Calvinistic doctrines which preserve truth (6:464) The Calvinist's arm is always strong (6:464) 1689 Baptist Confession circulated generally round his church (8:119) No philosophy etc., so profound as Calvinism (7:867) Calvinism is the Conservatism of Christianity (9:299) Catechising with Westminster Catechism useful to spread Calvinistic faith (10:264) No soul living held to Calvinism more than CHS (10:870) Shorter Catechism recommended (11:42) Arminianism good enough for summer - only Calvinism for winter (11:70) Only Calvinism can shout devil's mouths and fill saint's mouths (11:70) Rome hates Calvinism more than Lutheranism (13:376) Calvinism poisons Popery (13:376) Calvinism - fraught with comfort for God's people (13:879) Calvinism is usually most loved & best received by those who have had most conflict of soul (18:224) Glorious truths called Calvinistic but which are really the truth of God’s own word, are so much prized by old and advanced believers (18:777) Older believers needing comfort turn more towards Calvinism (19:412) Wondered how non Calvinists could find comfort (19:506) Only Calvinism will blow the Pope and his men into a thousand shivers - no other doctrine (20:550) One replied that he did not hold Calvinism but Calvinism held him (27:52) Men sick in body and heavy in spirit want the old Puritan theology of Calvinism (27:90) When heavy in spirit, loved a bit of thorough Calvinistic doctrine esp. Coles on Divine Sovereignty (27:573) Heard long ago that Calvinism was far behind the age and an exploded thing (29:556) Calvinism will yet conquer human thought and reign supreme (32:119) Calvinism has a power to create enthusiasm (35:772) Calvinism does not lead to slumber - Huguenots were Calvinists to a man (40:106) Calvinism - a sweet morsel for God's own people (44:484) Calvinism is the death of priestcraft and the end of sacramentalism (46:565) If Rome is to be razed…through Calvinism (47:525) Defied any man who has had a deep experience of his own odious depravity to believe any doctrine other than Calvinism (49:335) Older saints tend to grow more Calvinistic - notions of free will and creature power - generally blown away. A sweet tooth for the sweetness of the Covenant (52:373) Calvinism gives you ten thousand times more reason to hope than the Arminian preacher (53:332) When told Calvinism was obsolete…expressed belief it would see everything else obsolete (55:46) More and more persuaded that balanced Calvinism would blow heresies to pieces if preached in harmony with rest of Scripture (56:145) Many would receive Calvinism if they realised that God gives repentance (56:798) When his spirit got depressed - nothing sustained it but good old Calvinistic doctrine (58:479) Doctrines of grace to be the natural accompaniments of redemption by the blood of Jesus (Lectures 2:6) Nothing will make a man work like sound Calvinistic theology (Speeches at home and abroad p.53) We value Calvinism not for its logic etc., but because it is the gospel (S&T 3:242) Entire article on the state of Calvinism in England in March 1874 (S&T 4:33) A strong hard shelled Calvinism holds its own because it has truths worth holding (S&T 4:34) Calvinism no more dying out than Newton's law of gravity (S&T 4:35) Knew some of Arminian principles who were now more sympathetic to true Calvinism (S&T 4:35) Calvinism of Paul will be around forever (S&T 4:38) Calvinism - the big gun to blast away heresy (S&T 4:506) Preach the doctrines of grace - the waverers will hardly come to hear you anyway (S&T 5:103)


An able writer and preacher on the doctrines of grace (1:172) Calvin knew more about the gospel than almost any uninspired man who ever lived (4:229) Calvin with clear and eagle eye read the doctrines of the gospel amid the mists of error (5:256) How brightly Calvin's crown would shine (5:281)Calvin was the most consistent expositor of the Bible that ever lived (6:221) Calvin never taught immoral doctrine (6:221) Calvin's patience under sickness (6:496) Again: (6:649) In Calvin's pulpit in Geneva (6:668) That glorious man Calvin (6:668) I do love that man of God (6:669) Calvin quoted favourably on depravity by great Arminian (6:854) By all means let Calvin's name be held in honour (7:254) Calvin's gracious reply to Luther's attacks (8:677) Calvin rivalled if not surpassed Augustine…but Paul supassed them both (9:648) "…that mighty servant of God, John Calvin, whom I honour, not as teaching these doctrines himself, but as one through whom God spoke, and one who, next to the apostle Paul, propounded truth more clearly than any other man that ever breathed, knew more of Scripture, and explained it more clearly…That man of God expounds the doctrines in so excellent and admirable a manner, that we cannot too much bless the Lord who sent him, or too much pray that others like him may be honest and sincere in the work of the Lord."(10:384) How God used fools like Luther, Calvin, etc., to gain victory. (10:464) Why Calvin sometimes used strong language in regards to other Christians (11:9) Martin Luther, and Calvin, and Zwingle-that glorious trio of heroes (11:284) Luther and Calvin held not the truth in its fulness (11:322) 2 Never bolder speech than that of Calvin (11:837) Calvin had no power in himself (12:93) Surprised that Calvin died peaceably in his bed (12:814) Calvin and Luther undoubtedly needed for special work (12:815) How Calvin worked despite his afflictions (13:36) Calvin looked upon now only as a theologian - but was really one of the greatest gospel preachers (14:216) Deep in piety and great in learning whose name we honour for God honoured him (15:9) Calvin's mighty preaching (16:321) Ever a sweet savour of Christ round Calvin (19:564) Calvin - a more advanced pupil in the school of Jesus Christ (20:722) What a day when…the clear teaching of Calvin followed (21:208) Calvin's calm intellect complimented Luther's fiery soul (21:304) Calvin's energetic soul has left behind a vital force which still throbs and pulsates (21:580) Loved the name of Calvin but always regarded him as sitting on one side of the room (21:652) the darkness of the age cast some gloom even over the serene and steadfast soul of Calvin - was not entirely untarnished (22:854) Motto well applied to Calvin: "He took fast hold" - if ever man did take hold of eternal things, it was Calvin. What he grasped he held with force of clear conviction, intelligent apprehension, and devout reverence (23:701) CHS tells us Calvin faced down the Libertines who would break bread in Geneva (23:707) Calvin could have studied the decrees of God alone and not have fought Rome - but where would we be? (24:192) that mightiest master in Israel, clear, upright, and profound (24:605) His rigorous workload despite illness (24:605) Calvin - a light of the world (25:328) What if he had hid himself through cowardice? (25:328) Calvin's soundness in the faith was not because a presbyter looked after him (25:527) The Church will not forget the sacrifices of Calvin (25:707) Grand gospel Calvin thundered out is seldom enough heard (26:495) Relates the story of how William Farel met Calvin in Geneva (26:793-794) Calvin frequently sighed for the rest of Heaven - did not enjoy the strife (29:797) CHS followed Calvin more than Luther but Christ more than them both (29:812) While false doctrine was rife, God had the young Calvin quietly studying in Geneva - a lamp to remove the gloom (30:308) Where would be if Calvin desired ease? (30:486) O for another Calvin! (33:199) If Calvin had not have fought - we would have a heritage of error (34:109) One of the noblest disciples (34:792) God said "Let there be light" and Calvin etc., shone in the sky of the dark ages and cleared away the gloom (35:348) Gloomy Calvinism? Read his books and commentaries etc., see the deep and wondrous calm that filled his mighty soul. There was nothing gloomy about his Calvinism; it was all bright and light and cheering to him. (39:41) Calvin's joy despite deep physical suffering (39:41) Calvin…that famous book of his Institutes (40:275) A timid, sickly man - how Farel goaded him into action (40:275) Calvin thought his books would be sufficient to advance the Reformation - Farel told him otherwise (41:318) Calvin shook the world (42:384) I am a Calvinist, and a lover of that grand man’s memory and doctrine (44:517) Calvin's motto: "He took fast hold" - Upon the covers of Calvin's works are these words, which are also truly descriptive of the man, "Prompte et sincere in opere Domini," —"Prompt and sincere in the work of the Lord." (45:244) That excellent confessor - enlightened (46:138) Calvin helped balance Luther (46:547) Lord, send us another Calvin to shake the world (46:726) Calvin let men know that Christ could not be held in the hands of the Pope (47:71) Calvin was better instructed in the gospel than Luther (47:524) Luther broke the damn - Calvin purified the waters (47:524) While there is a God, He shall have His Calvins etc., (54:433) The preacher would take Calvin's 70 sicknesses at once if he could have Calvin's power (54:780) Calvin's clear, transparent preaching (55:152) Grand old positive spirit of Calvin (55:571) When the doctor told Calvin to ease up - he replied: "Will my Master come & find me loitering?" (58:601) Strong language Farel used to induce Calvin to stay in Geneva (58:736) A mighty wave [of revival] came with which we associate the name of Calvin (60:673) Did Calvin declaim in soft and silvery tone? (62:270) I long to meet with Calvin etc., (62:399) Even when ill, Calvin preached at the break of day to the students in the Cathedral and worked to long past midnight (Words of Cheer p.64) Calvin did not hammer and slash his pulpit like Knox (Lectures 3:109) Who will deny the pre-eminent value of Calvin's expositions? (A chat about commentaries) Lectures 4:10 Calvin's Institutes - written when he was 27 - a most wonderful production for thought if not for accuracy (Unusual Occasions p97) Calvin was clearer than Luther (Unusual Occasions p95) Even if half of the steadfastness of Calvin's mind would still be powerful (S&T 6:174)

It would not be possible for me too earnestly to press upon you the importance of reading the expositions of that prince among men, JOHN CALVIN! I am afraid that scant purses may debar you from their purchase, but if it be possible procure them, and meanwhile, since they are in the College library, use them diligently. I have often felt inclined to cry out with Father Simon, a Roman Catholic, "Calvin possessed a sublime genius", and with Scaliger, "Oh! how well has Calvin reached the meaning of the prophets — no one better." You will find forty two or more goodly volumes worth their weight in gold. Of all commentators I believe John Calvin to be the most candid. In his expositions he is not always what moderns would call Calvinistic; that is to say, where Scripture maintains the doctrine of predestination and grace he flinches in no degree, but inasmuch as some Scriptures bear the impress of human free action and responsibility, he does not shun to expound their meaning in all fairness and integrity. He was no trimmer and pruner of texts. He gave their meaning as far as he knew it. His honest intention was to translate the Hebrew and the Greek originals as accurately as he possibly could, and then to give the meaning which would naturally be conveyed by such Greek and Hebrew words: he laboured, in fact, to declare, not his own mind upon the Spirit’s words, but the mind of the Spirit as couched in those words. Dr. King very truly says of him, "No writer ever dealt more fairly and honestly by the Word of God. He is scrupulously careful to let it speak for itself, and to guard against every tendency of his own mind to put upon it a questionable meaning for the sake of establishingsome doctrine which he feels to be important, or some theory which he is anxious to uphold. This is one of his prime excellencies. He will not maintain any doctrine, however orthodox and essential, by a text of Scripture which to him appears of doubtful application, or of inadequate force. For instance, firmly as he believed the doctrine of the Trinity, he refuses to derive an argument in its favour from the plural form of the name of God in the first chapter of Genesis. It were easy to multiply examples of this kind, which, whether we agree in his conclusion or not, cannot fail to produce the conviction that he is at least an honest commentator, and will not make any passage of Scripture speak more or less than, according to his view, its divine Author intended it to speak." The edition of John Calvin’s works which was issued by the Calvin Translation Society, is greatly enriched by the remarks of the editors, consisting not merely of notes on the Latin of Calvin, and the French translation, or on the text of the original Scriptures, but also of weighty opinions of eminent critics, illustrative manners and customs, and observations of travellers. … If you needed any confirmatory evidence as to the value of his writings, I might summon a cloud of witnesses, but it will suffice to quote one or two. Here is the opinion of one who is looked upon as his great enemy, namely, Arminius: "Next to the perusal of the Scriptures, which I earnestly inculcate, I exhort my pupils to peruse CALVIN’S commentaries, which I extol in loftier terms than Helmich himself; for I affirm that he excels beyond comparison in the interpretation of Scripture, and that his commentaries ought to be more highly valued than all that is handed down to us by the Library of the Fathers; so that I acknowledge him to have possessed above most others, or rather above all other men, what may be called an eminent gift of prophecy." Quaint Robert Robinson said of him, "There is no abridging this sententious commentator, and the more I read him, the more does he become a favourite expositor with me." Holy Baxter wrote, "I know no man since the apostles’ days, whom I value and honor more than Calvin, and whose judgment in all things, one with another, I more esteem and come nearer to." (A chat about commentaries) Lectures 4:12-13

Agreed with critic that in his expositions, Calvin was not half a Calvinist! He always gave the mind of the spirit (Lectures 4:35) Calvin's commentaries: "Of priceless value" (Lectures 4:42) Everything that Calvin wrote by way of exposition is priceless; even those who differ from him in theology admit this. (Lectures 4:93) We have said enough upon Calvin in general. His expositions are more equal in excellence than those of other men; other men rise and fall, but he is almost uniformly good. (Lectures 4:94) Calvin is a tree whose "leaf also shall not wither"; whatever he has written lives on, and is never out of date, because he expounded the word without bias or partiality. (Lectures 4:134) Calvin only harmonized three of the evangelists, but he did his work in his usual superb manner. (Lectures 4:270) Humanly speaking…no Reformation in Europe if Calvin and Luther had not lectured to young men (S&T 2:49) Calvin attached a lot of importance to the College at Geneva (S&T 3:51) Thousands of minds are swayed by the doctrines Calvin preached (S&T 3:52) A pulpit with all Luther would be all fist…with all Calvin it would be all skull (S&T 3:107)


A sound Calvinist without the Spirit of God is not a Christian (1:66) Infidel said that if Bible was true then Whitefield's Calvinism was right and Arminianism wrong (1:172) This incident is expanded upon (11:36) Desired to see a life of constant consistency (1:265) Challenges those who says that it is a licentious religion (1:312) Answers those Calvinists astonished with 1 Corinthians 10:12 (1:301) Bible does not say "They that seek the Lord in the orthodox Calvinistic manner shall not lack any good thing" (2:150) Refutes allegation: Calvinism leads men into sin (2:221) Modern infidels speak highly of the virtues of Calvinists. Arminians preach good works…Calvinists exhibit them (2:223) How pride can be found among us (2:562) Could not conceive John Calvin being proud of his achievements (3:647) Some who pass through Calvinism want high doctrine spiced with bitterness (3:668) An election that lets you live in sin was never the doctrine of Calvinists (3:219) Heard a Wesleyan and Calvinist pray together - Wesleyan prayed the most Calvinistically (4:679) Ill lives of professing Calvinists (6:536) Not ashamed to call himself a Calvinist but related to Arminians if they are good men and true (5:625) Calvinists said to be promoters of sin later found to promote righteousness (5:816) Defied the world to find a holier people than Calvinists (5:816) Calvin never taught immoral doctrine (6:221) Many hold the doctrines of grace in bitterness (6:543) Answers those who said we encourage sin (8:760) Extremes some would go for Calvinism and yet not saved (10:122) Devil knows how to handle Calvinists (10:122) Calvinism no use without the new nature (13:228) Good to be sound in the faith - but this virtue may belong the vilest sinner out of hell (13:776) Knew a high Calvinist who had sound doctrine but an ungodly life (14:26) Knew a man who would die for Calvinism but was hard to love him for he had no love for anyone else (38:456) Some theological Calvinists who never helped anyone practically (39:593) Quoted John Newton to the effect that Calvinists - of all men - ought to be he gentlest to be true to our doctrine (44:678) John Newton said that a Calvinist who gets angry with the ungodly is inconsistent (47:532) Newton said that a proud Calvinist was a contradiction (49:339) Wished that those unholy Calvinists who came to hear him would desist - if they were not going to change, they were discrediting the cause. Preferred their room to their company (50:607) Christ sometimes calls from contending for Calvinism to "This do in remembrance of me" (55:90) As Calvinists, believing that men cannot see truth unless God opens their eyes…we should be the last to condemn the ignorant but do our utmost to instruct them (55:227) Prove to mankind that the grand old Calvinistic doctrine of a finished redemption does not lead to sluggishness (55:697) Infidel said that if Bible was true then Whitefield's Calvinism was right (56:444) A man may know the difference between Calvinism & Arminianism…was his life in keeping with what he knew? (58:338) Hold the five points of Calvinism - but not as babbling questions with which to fight with and divide the church of God (60:121) Calvinism becomes evil teaching when set forth by men of ungodly lives. (Lectures 1:13) How pride can become Calvinistic (We endeavour p5)


In old days Arminians were regarded as vilest heretics - now it was reversed (1:312) Mattered not if only a handful stood alone in an unflinching maintenance of Calvinism (1:552) Men of cunning and wisdom say "You poor Calvinists must be bereft of your senses" … Calvinists can show as many men of sense as they can. We are not afraid of them (2:157) Decried as hard, rough and severe (2:189) CHS a strong Calvinist - none more maligned that strong Calvinists. Examples given (2:634) Some even in RC Church held to doctrine of election - persecuted but never expelled (3:48) Calvinists have been lied against and our teachings perverted (3:219) Being called a hyper Calvinist does not make you one (4:598) Men approve of Calvinism until they feel they are the loser by it (5:111) Not likely that Calvinism will become the court religion of England (5:500) Some called it "vile Calvinism" Calvin found it in the Scriptures (6:244) Answers Calvinism is fatalism idea (6:553) "The most infamous allegations have been brought against us, and sometimes, I must fear, by men who knew them to be utterly untrue: and, to this day, there are many of our opponents, who, when they run short of matter, invent and make for themselves a man of straw, call that John Calvin and then shoot all their arrows at it. We are not come here to defend your man of straw — shoot at it or burn it as you will, and, if it suit your convenience, still oppose doctrines which were never taught, and rail at fictions which, save in your own brain, were never in existence." (7:550) [CHS answers many of misrepresentations of Calvinism in 7:550-560 Too many to list here] Calvinism especially raises the spleen of worldly men (7:864) Against Calvinism…no words too bitter (7:864) Had heard people rail at Calvinism who never in their lives read a word that Calvin wrote (7:866) The saying that Calvinists believe infants are damned is wicked, lying, and slander - those who say it know that they are wrong - "If you dare to repeat the slander again, let the lie stand in scarlet on your very cheek if you be capable of a blush." (7:922) Repudiation of those who said we encourage sin (8:760) His sermon "Warrant of faith" stirred controversy - would not answer the ignorant pamphlet refuting it (9:3) Would be foolish to deny that there are not difficulties in any system of doctrine (9:78) Sometimes Calvinism is misnamed Antinomianism - fear not the name but do fear Antinomianism (10:275) Rejoiced to be attacked both by Hyper Calvinists and Arminians (10:284) Calvinism attacked as gloomy and horrid dogma - not so! (11:561) Be not ashamed if men call you a Calvinist (12:500) the lukewarm milk and water of our modern anti-Calvinists? (12:529)"If there is one doctrine in the world which reveals the enmity of the human heart more than another it is the doctrine of God’s sovereignty. Men will bear with you unto that word, but when they hear the Lord’s voice saying, "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion," they gnash their teeth and call the preacher an Antinomian, a High Calvinist, or some other hard name. They do not love God except they can make him a little God; they cannot bear for him to be supreme, they would fain take his will away from him and set up their own will as the first cause, and say, "These be thy gods, O Israel." (18:266) Some men go to the verge of blasphemy to show that they are not Calvinistic (22:285) Knew that Calvinism was unpopular - emphasised it all the more (23:75) In controversy - Calvinists and Arminians often caricatured each other - trust we have left these things behind (23:454) Some people do not like the sound of the word grace - too Calvinistic (26:440) A Calvinist placed under certain circumstances could become a hater of the gospel (26:519) Those in John 6 went back because they could not endure what men call "Calvinism" (28:141) Was said that Calvinism was at a discount now - perhaps so but he hoped he would see a come back, although he thought they were really spreading and quietly saturating all evangelical preaching (29:61) Sceptics etc., wish they could stop the Calvinists (31:844) Some who heard that Calvinistic doctrine is cruel, harsh, and unjust have only seen a caricature of it - but will not come and see otherwise (34:306) If anything is hated bitterly, it is the out-and-out gospel of the grace of God, especially if Dare to say, He will have mercy on whom he will have mercy, and he will have compassion on whom he will have compassion, and furious critics will revile you without stint. The modern religionist not only hates the doctrine of sovereign grace, but he raves and rages at the mention of it. He would sooner hear you blaspheme than preach election by the Father, atonement by the Son, or regeneration by the Spirit. If you want to see a man worked up till the Satanic is clearly uppermost, let some of the new divines hear you preach a free-grace sermon. A gospel which is after men will be welcomed by men; but it needs a divine operation upon the heart and mind to make a man willing to receive into his utmost soul this distasteful gospel of the grace of God that hateful word, sovereignty is mentioned with it. (37:63-64) Moderns have tried to bury Calvin - but he lives and will live (38:14) Calvinism attacked in Parliament as "gloomy"- CHS know nothing of it (38:459) Gloomy Calvinism? Read his books and commentaries etc., see the deep and wondrous calm that filled his mighty soul. There was nothing gloomy about his Calvinism; it was all bright and light and cheering to him. (39:41) If CHS preached some of the doctrines of Calvinism…some fatalists etc., would gather around him…but when he preached Christ, they departed (39:723) "Perhaps you have read about us poor Calvinists, what a wretched, miserable sect we are, how we are always trying to keep salvation to ourselves, and how we believe that only a very few will ever be saved! Put all that down among the lies that our enemies tell about us; it is not true, and it never was true, for there are no people under heaven who are more anxious that all men should be saved than are we who believe that, nevertheless, the Lord has a people whom he will save. Our hearts, we trust, are full of love to men, despite all that is said about us." (43:587) Great quarrel against Calvin in Geneva is that he was too strict - yet same folk say these doctrines lead to sin (45:345) Some tell us that to be a Calvinist is to be a long way behind this progressive age (46:269) Some believed that to preach Calvinism would make London a very wicked city indeed (48:491) The hypocrisy of some who denounced Calvinism as a wicked doctrine (48:494) Opponents of election produce more Antinomians than its believers (51:62) Commonly thought by those who do understand Calvinism that it has a tendency to burden the heart & dry up the springs of compassion - not so (51:263) If many could not bear Calvinist doctrine - CHS would be more Calvinistic than ever (58:280) Let no one imagine that the spirit of Calvinism is a spirit of hostility to universal humanity. It is not so. It is a perversion and a caricature of the expositions of Calvin and Augustine, and of the Apostle Paul, and of what our Master preached, to represent us as thinking with complacency of the ruin of any one of the human race. (60:390) Answers the charge that Calvinists reduce men to being passive blocks of wood (61:484) Answered Beecher who said that CHS's Calvinism was like the camel's hump (Lectures 2:17) Struggles for Calvinism only rooted and grounded CHS in it (Speeches at home and abroad p.47) Where the fire burned most furiously, there Calvinistic doctrine was taught (We endeavour p31) Reviewed a book by one John Fox who attacked Calvinism (S&T 5:135) Attacks on Calvinism of his evangelists only reconciled CHS to all the attacks upon them (S&T: 6:516) More people maligned Calvinism - the more he preached it (S&T 7:280)


Would not blush if called a hyper Calvinist (1:150) "Some of you, my hearers, and a great many that are not my hearers are miserable little cramped souls; you have learned a cast-iron creed, and you will never move out of it." Did not differ from hyper Calvinists in what they believed but in what they did not believe (1:443) The most quarrelsome set breathing - left out part of the truth (1:659) Calvinists who excuse sinners in their sins do the devil's work (2:571) John Gill - the most consistent of commentators - manifestly avoids hard passages to some degree (1:672) John Gill's very valuable commentary (2:126) John Gill: learned and eminently pious (2:185) Takes issue with those Calvinist churches which stand aloof from missionary work (4:352) Answered those Hyper Calvinists who branded him as a Mongrel Calvinist (4:598) Venerated the memory of John Gill "yet he is not my Rabbi" (4:603) [Later said: "Not Luther, nor Calvin, neither Wesley, nor Whitefield, is to be your Rabbi:" 10:602] Hyper Calvinists said he was wrong to beseech men to be saved (5:38) How the Hyper would react to the brazen serpent (5:134) Hyper Calvinist preaching sends men to sleep and into Satan's arms (5:273) Appreciation of Gill, Rippon etc., at stone laying of the Metropolitan Tabernacle (5:587ff) A priceless ministry (5:592) Gill was a father of the true apostolic order…His Body of Divinity held in highest repute and unrivalled while Cause of God and Truth obtained for him the championship of the Calvinistic School. His commentary: remarkable …brilliant …rich. A priceless ministry. Eulogised by Toplady. (5:593) Gill shone like a star of the first magnitude amidst surrounding darkness (5:594) CHS treated severely by the hyper Calvinists and suspected of great heresy - not bitter towards them (5:630) Calvinism of some is neither the Calvinism of Calvin or the Puritans - much less the Christianity of God (5:630) Read most of Calvin's works - Claimed he was the TRUE Calvinist (4:598) CHS was as high in his Calvinism as Huntington in the matter of salvation but very different when it came to damnation. Some Calvinists err in interfering with God's justice. (4:603) Slandered by another tribe (i.e. hyper Calvinists) as an Arminian (4:408) Arminians more correct on why damnation than Antinomians (4:603) I am no Antinomian. I belong not to the sect of those who are afraid to invite the sinner to Christ. (5:603) The stone has yet to be rolled away from the sepulchre of Calvinism yet (5:630) Become such a Calvinist as to deny man's responsibility - become a hero is some quarters (6:53) Calvin's doctrine was opposed to hyper Calvinism as light is to darkness (6:221) Brought the Bible to their system (6:541) Would not imitate their Master with general appeal (6:542) I cannot defend hyper Calvinists (6:543) Doctrines attacked as gloomy etc., destruction of children etc., - inventions of falsehood (6:549) How hyper Calvinists garble the invitation of Christ (6:718) Phariseeism is mixed with hyper Calvinism more than any other sect in the world (6:728) Preparationism: (7:199) Never one more caricatured by his followers than Calvin (7:271) All the Puritans with CHS on the free invitation (7:271) None shall stay me in giving free invitations (7:271) Did not envy them for he heard their whining and read their dismal sentences (7:535) Hyper Calvinists forget that God is love (7:674) Some brethren with small heads grow into hyper Calvinists (8:239) His sermon "Warrant of faith" stirred controversy - would not answer the ignorant pamphlet refuting it (9:3) Grand to pick out the whole truth: God's Sovereignty and Man's responsibility (9:294) A hyper's bigotry against Arminians overthrown by hearing one of them pray (9:447) Unsound, uncalvinistic and legalism (9:668) Some high Calvinists quoted to show the free offer (9:677) Some high Calvinists despised the preacher for studying his message (9:837) Did not care to be in the hyper camp (10:284) Hyper Calvinists warned sinners but never invited them (10:541) Hypers cut off from Zion those who do not receive the five points (10:870) When in trouble, enjoyed reading Crisp and Coles on sovereignty of God - although they did not contain all the truth (11:70) Lamentable conditions when vision for missions etc was lost (11:534) Hyper Calvinism and the word of God being a savour of death unto death (11:629) Giving a particular instead of a general call results in a sorry mess (11:861) Hyper Calvinism and children praying (12:68) So honoured to be branded as a "Fullerite" (12:68) Hypers not wrong when they see divine sovereignty…but when they fail to see more than one truth (12:278) Hate Antinomianism with all your heart (12:500) Beware of Antinomianism! (12:720) Hyper Calvinism leads to you being sound - asleep (12:721) If evil to bid sinners lay hold on eternal life…CHS would be more evil in this aspect (14:20) Hypers so earnest against anything that exhorts or invites - disembowel texts like "Repent & be converted" (14:250) CHS invited etc., because this was the engine God used (14:250) Declined to yield to a somewhat (temporary) zealous Calvinist who wanted to screw him up several degrees (32:487) Hyper Calvinism and children praying - some folk both sound and sour in the faith take issue with CHS (36:810) I am not ashamed to endorse Gill's views even now (46:138) Some of our very excellent Hyper Calvinist friends could not speak peaceably with an Arminian (46:194) Hyper Calvinism and preparationism (46:549) Some practically believed in a kind of fatalism which exonerated man from all blame - hardly knew which to repudiate more: Hyper Calvinism or Arminianism (49:786) Scarcely find a congregation of Hyper Calvinists in Scotland - Church in Scotland holds the whole truth (51:62) Some Hypers felt that the new Jerusalem is going to be a miserable little strictly bordered hamlet (51:338) CHS reckoned sixteen ounces to the pound - some went to eighteen ounces but the extra ounces are not good for the people to feed upon (51:539) Hypers and children praying (51:540) Do not run to the extremes either of hyper Calvinism or hyper Arminianism. Truth in both Calvinism and Arminianism: Salvation of the Lord… damnation of sin (56:384) Peter in Acts 2 was not like hyper Calvinists who are afraid to exhort sinners (56:725) Some of our hyper Calvinist brethren think they know all the truth (59:317) Certain hyper Calvinists almost smacking their lips over reprobation (60:390) Some hyper Calvinists raise an objection to the responsibility of man when hearing the gospel & demur on other things also (62:323) Certain Calvinists whip their people with "If you have felt this, you might be saved" (62:423) Buy a theological barrel-organ, brethren, with five tunes accurately adjusted, and you will be qualified to practice as an ultra-Calvinistic preacher at Zoar and Jireh, if you also purchase at some vinegar factory a good supply of bitter, acrid abuse of Arminians, and duty-faith men. Brains and grace are optional, but the organ and the wormwood are indispensable.(Lectures 1:90) Answers the "logic" of the Hyper's who say that we can only warn & instruct and not invite sinners. Why even warn & instruct them? (Lectures 3:175) We are not afraid of any doctrine because it is prominent also among the hyper Calvinists or taught by the Wesleyans (S&T 3:169) We preach the gospel to all mankind as much as any Arminian (S&T 3:314) Exaggerated Calvinists among the Baptists (S&T 4:34) Hyperism on the wane (S&T 4:34) Would 10,000 times rather be a hyper than an Arian (S&T 4:34) Praised the hypers where he could (S&T 4:34) On the other hand, I fear that many have preached the sovereignty of God in such a way as to drive all persons who believe in man's free agency entirely away from the Calvinistic side. (S&T 4:469) CHS preached in a hyper Calvinist church - one of his students succeeded the minister (S&T 5:380) A hyper Calvinist chapel almost extinct - one of CHS's students now supplying the pulpit (S&T 5:409)


If we don't preach Calvinism - folk will go to where it alone is preached (1:668) Useful nonsense to start off sermons preaching Calvinism and finish them with Arminianism. (1:670) If they are Calvinists, let them stick to it (1:676) Sturdy old Calvinism will not let us excite carnal passions or preach men into religious fevers (2:73) Students from the devil's new Jesuitical college call themselves Calvinists but preach Arminianism (2:192) if you do not believe your gospel will save souls - you do not believe it at all (2:293) Inconsistency of some who hear both Calvinists and Arminians preach (2:333) Men have begun to rub off the rough edges of truth and give up doctrines of Calvin (3:73) Did not consider pleading for souls to be Arminian but Scriptural (3:470) Rebuked Particular Baptists who feared to preach Calvinism(3:710) Greatest blasphemy is to say: Calvinism ought not to be preached as it is impractical (3:710) Had to preach Calvinism or else be a liar to his conscience and his God (4:78) John Knox's gospel was his gospel - that which thundered through Scotland must thunder through England once again (4:78) Many men were sound in faith but not sound enough in the preaching of it. (4:78) A mongrel mixture of Calvinism and Arminianism was the delight of the age (4:79) Where Calvinism is not preached - Ichabod ( 4:79) Sermon tasters believe Calvinists are self contradictory (4:102) Some who hear Calvinistic preachers are very apt to misinterpret God (4:154) Would not modify to prevent the horror of those who were not Calvinists (4:702) Cared not that some might think that he was Antinomian at the beginning of his sermon and Arminian at the end. (4:604) Pleading with souls to be saved was part of making full proof of his ministry (5:38) Impossible for both the Calvinist and the Arminian to be right on how God loves all men (5:190) Some points on which Calvinists and Arminians differ (5:190) Many Calvinistic preachers do not feed their people - they believe the doctrines of grace but do not preach them (5:261) Belief in 5 points of Calvinism - but not as barbed shafts but as 5 great lamps lighting up the Cross (5:603) Loved to preach the fulness of God's decree combined with practical exhortation and fullness of precept (5:630) Preached Calvinism as high, as stern, and a sound as ever - but always felt an anxiety to invite sinners to Christ (5:748) Often afraid lest he prefer Calvinism to Calvary and prevent the sinner getting near to Christ (5:810) The faithful minister must be plain, simple, pointed, with regard to these doctrines. (6:50) Preaching either hyper Calvinism or Arminianism brings plaudits but not so preaching whole counsel (6:54) Spurgeon's pleading with souls was as Calvin preached (6:118-119) How Arminians preach/pray like Calvinists (6:552) plain, straight-forward, honest Calvinism - why God blessed the Tabernacle (6:786) Calvin's preaching cleared muddied waters (7:288) Often got called an Arminian after preaching and as often called a hyper (8:627) Those who despised the preacher for studying his message (9:837) Some preach Calvinism without Jesus - hard, cry, marrowless (9:897) Never preached unconditional election without conversions and believed he never would (10:103)Sermon to the dry bones in Ezekiel most Calvinistic (10:541) Calvinism of Carey etc., contrasted with hyper Calvinism (11:534) Could preach Calvinism and not preach the gospel (13:879) Took issue with those who said that preaching Calvinism is the whole of gospel preaching (13:879) Preach Christ is you want to win souls (13:880) Cling to sovereign election etc., but do not let them fetter your preaching as fishers of men (14:20) There is a Calvinism still worth proclaiming (17:250) Did not want the Sabbath School to be a hotbed of Arminianism but the church to be a garden of Calvinism (19:398) John Newton preached his Calvinism - not in lumps but like sugar stirred into the tea (20:131) If you hold to Calvinism, do not stutter about it, nor stammer over it, but speak it out (25:889) Not very happy with the "older Calvinistic" treatment of 1Timothy 2:4 (26:61) Arminians and Calvinists pray alike (29:247) John Newton -a thorough Calvinist - preached his Calvinism not in lumps but like sugar stirred into the tea (31:717) Rejoiced when he buried his grandfather that if the old man could rise from his grave, he would find his grandson preaching the same Calvinistic gospel (33:500) Some preachers remove the cream of Calvinism - too rich for modern stomachs - strong meat (35:266) Crowds used to go to the deserts of France to hear Calvinism preached (38:174) All very well getting a man from Arminianism to Calvinism - but you need to get him off everything but Christ (38:631) Calvinists will not hurt you (38:648) Cry with Calvinistic determination: Salvation is all of grace (39:622) Some go to hear Arminians and semi-Calvinists with all kinds of divinity added on (44:470) A man who never had a sense of sin will not believe in Calvinism (44:484) CHS rebukes some who are sound in the Calvinist faith but who won't preach it (44:674) If doctrines of grace are not to be preached - perhaps (ironic) they are not true after all? (44:742) People said CHS preached Calvinism from the very first - will do until he dies (46:92) The Church needs the doctrines of grace & divine sovereignty preached today and by God's grace shall have it (54:546) False for many Calvinists to limit their invitations to those who have felt so much repentance or so much being harrowed by the law (Faith what is it? p13) There are no doctrines for the initiated - Calvinist distinctions have their bearing on every day life (Lectures 1:86) Calvinism sometimes taught in such a way as to drive off those who believe in man's free agency (Lectures 3:10) Rejoiced that the Scots were louder -though not clearer - in their Calvinism (Speeches at home and abroad p.47) Three "R's" of the gospel in every Calvinist's sermon (S&T 3:52) CHS delighted to preach Calvinism (S&T 4:34) CHS evangelist skilled in handling Calvinistic truth evangelistically (S&T 5:503)


CHS did not deny that God has given to man a free will but would maintain that God has a freewill also (6:244) Not ashamed to avow himself a Calvinist (7:308) We will know more after five minutes in Heaven than Calvin etc., did on earth (10:557) Would not imagine that only Calvinists were in Zion (10:870) Did not know of any members of the Tabernacle who did not give full consent to Calvinism (4:182) Points of union in judgement between all pious believers is 99% (12:8) Cardinal Bellarmine's died praying like a Calvinist (26:428) Do not examine the new born babe about Calvinism - you will only worry his dear heart by introducing difficult questions (27:443) God has today a young Calvin learning in a Sunday School (30:712) A mixed church i.e. Calvinists and Arminians etc., will not stay together long when the minister who holds them together dies (31:617) Thought of who made him to differ brought CHS to Calvinism (32:562) CHS did not seek to intrude his Calvinistic creed on the Baptist Union (34:3) A woman referred to a high Calvary preacher! - A good mistake (38:648) You never learn the five points until the Spirit of God teaches you them (38:679) How CHS learned his Calvinistic theology - from a lady cook (39:478) High Calvary! preacher again (40:672) And again (42:748) If COE is not Calvinistic…it is the most inconsistent Church in the world (45:362) Glory of the COE that she has a Calvinist creed (45:523) Rejoiced to get a grip of the grand old Calvinistic doctrine through half a dozen sentences from a cook (47:371) Some folk would not read those passages in the epistles that were Calvinistic - did not want the light (49:763) It would do well for half the Christians in England if they would learn the Assembly's catechism (59:754) Whatever the controversies between Calvinism and Arminianism…we unite on 1 Jn 4:19 (60:169) High Calvary! preacher again (60:752) Only Calvinists at the College to avoid endless controversies (Lectures 2:6 also 4:7) Illustrated the church as a ship…tried to get her to avoid Cape Vatican by rounding round Cape Calvin and right into the Bay Calvary (Lectures 3:55) Taught Calvinism dogmatically (in right sense) at the College (S&T 1:240) We as Calvinists gravely question much of what the Wesleyan's teach (S&T 3:52) Spoke of those who left Calvinism only to end up in atheism (S&T 5:103) Thanked God for Scotland hoping she would ever be a nurse of sturdy Calvinists (S&T 5:198) Reviewed Dale's book - found it sad (S&T 6:245) College needed to maintain its grip on the older Calvinistic truth (S&T 7:156)



* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Total Depravity 
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Unconditional Election  
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Particular Redemption 
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Irresistible Grace  
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints

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