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While it is true that the elect of God will not ultimately resist the grace of God (being in God's appointed time drawn graciously by the power of God) yet it is also true that the reprobate, because they will always love darkness rather than light, will choose to do so. Calvin rightly believed that sinners could and do resist the grace of God. 

"And those are said to resist the Spirit who reject him when he speaketh in the prophets. Neither doth he speak in this place of secret revelations, wherewith God inspireth every one, but of the external ministry; which we must note diligently. He purposeth to take from the Jews all color of excuse; and, therefore, he upbraideth unto them, that they had purposely, and not of ignorance, resisted God. Whereby it appeareth what great account the Lord maketh of his word, and how reverently he will have us to receive the same. Therefore, lest, like giants, we make war against God, let us learn to hearken to the ministers by whose mouth he teacheth us." (Comments on Acts 7:51)

"When he [Christ] says, Yet a little while, he warns them that God will not long endure that his grace should be exposed to such shameful contempt." (John 8:33)

"Meanwhile we see how all who swelled with false confidence, flatter themselves on their condition and drive away from them the grace of Christ." (John 8:33)   

"They choose rather to be deprived of the salvation which is offered to them, than to endure any longer the presence of Christ." (Mark 5:15) "And groaning in his spirit. By these words Mark informs us that it occasioned grief and bitter vexation to our Lord, when he saw those ungrateful men obstinately resist God." (Mark 8:12)

"This relates therefore to the regenerate, over whom Christ reigns; for, although all are called by the voice of the gospel, yet there are few who suffer themselves to be placed under his yoke." (Isaiah 32:8) 

"And we may learn from this passage, that when men perish, God still continues like himself, and that neither his power, by which he is mighty to save the world, is extinguished, nor his purpose changed, so as not to be always ready to help; but that the obstinacy of men rejects the grace which has been provided, and which God willingly and bountifully offers. This is one thing. We may secondly learn, that the power of God is not to be measured by our rule: were we lost a hundred times, let God be still regarded as a Saviour." (Hosea 13:14)

"And this was the case, because the irreclaimable wickedness of the people did not allow God to change his severity into mildness, so as to give any hope of pardon and salvation." (Hosea 13:14)


MATTHEW HENRY: "They, like their fathers, were not only not influenced by the methods God took to reform them, but they were enraged and incensed against them: 'You do always resist the Holy Ghost' 1. They resisted the Holy Ghost speaking to them by the prophets, whom they opposed and contradicted, hated and ridicule; this seems especially meant here by the following, 'Which of the prophets etc., In persecuting and silencing those that spake by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost they resisted the Holy Ghost…They resisted the Holy Ghost striving with them by their own consciences, and would not comply with the convictions and dictates of them. God's Spirit strove with them as with the old world, but in vain; they resisted him, took part with their corruptions against their conviction, and rebelled against the light." (Commentary on Acts 7:51)

A.W. PINK: [i] "When any part of God's revealed will is made known to men, they endeavour to banish it from their thoughts. They do not like to retain God in their thoughts (Romans 1:28) therefore they resist the strivings of the Spirit for obedient compliance."  

[ii] "Consequently, man's war against God is a double one: defensive and offensive. Defensively, he slights God's Word, perverts His gifts, resists the overtures of his Spirit (Acts 7:51)"  

[iii] "A lifeless body has no responsibility, but a spiritually dead soul is accountable to God. A corpse in a cemetery will not 'despise and reject' Christ (Isaiah 53:3) will not 'resist the Holy Ghost' (Acts 7:51), will not disobey the gospel (2 Thessalonians 1:8); but the sinner can and does do these very things and is justly condemned for them." 

[iv] "Not only do men refuse to employ the means which God has appointed but they scorn His help by fighting against illumination and conviction…'Ye do always resist the Holy Ghost.' (Acts 7:51)  All four quotes from Pink's book:  "Man's Total Depravity



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