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 Many more articles on Calvinism in the CH Spurgeon Index

* Part 4 concerns Romans 9:22-24

* Hyper Calvinism cartoon answered
* Hyper Calvinist attack on Gospel Meetings answered
* Chart showing how balanced Calvinism cf. Arminianism/Hyper Calvinism
* Calvinism or Atheism?
* Who made thee a differ? Eavesdropping
* 10 objections to Particular Redemption Biblically Answered
* The Debt is paid - Particular Redemption
* The "I cast the deciding vote" view of election analysed
* Criticising Calvinism?
* Let's go and hear an anti Calvinist preacher preach! (Follow on: Bluster test)
* Are Christians preserved or do they persevere?
* Jesus marvelling at man's unbelief (Mark 6:6) 
* Is God free to change His decree?
* Does God's decree destroy man's free agency? (Nettleton) 
* Richard Baxter on 'Whosoever' 
* Leading Calvinists on the free offer of the gospel
* Christ's death sufficient for all- efficient for the elect 
* Why Calvinists believe all means all and all that it means
* Did John baptize Pontius Pilate? Another look at Sluder's "all"
* Are sinners commanded to come or invited to come to Christ? 
* Does Matthew 25:41 sink Calvinism? 
* Was the rich young ruler elect?  
* Close your eyes and imagine: If Adam never sinned...
* Sovereignty of God in the assassination attempt on Paul
* Calvinism and John 6:37
* John Leland's Calvinism 

* Calvinism vehemently denying that God is the author of sin
* John Calvin and the authorship of sin
* Andrew Broadus on God using sinful acts 
* Thomas Boston on Sovereignty of God and sin 
* FW Grant endorsing the WCF on the decree of God  
* When I sin - Is it God's fault?
* Does God hire bullies? 
* Here ye then what The Trail of Blood Saith
* Help! My pastor's library is full of Calvinist books! 
* Welcome here! I welcome Baptists - Do you welcome Calvinists? 
* Calvinists and their sympathisers - who do you quote and why?
* Serious questions re: Calvinism answered from Scripture
* Man with Drowning Sons argument answered
* Silly argument from Ouellette answered 
* A look at the Geneva Bible 
* Bishop Ryle: Salvation all of grace - damnation all of sin
* Sovereign God and happy angels! 
* Bob Gray's shoddy review of Calvinism
* Baptist  Heritage sites - the unspoken truth
* Overthrowing Calvinism 
* Man's free will affirmed in Calvinism  
* Does Limited Atonement make God a monster?
* What NKJV advocate Curtis Hutson missed about Perseverance  

* How reliable is David Cloud as a critic of Calvinism?

* Answering David Cloud's lament that Calvinism is on the march!
* Answering David's Cloud's 'Calvin's Camels' attack 
* Is David Cloud tripping over his own feet?  
* David Cloud's 'Hot sermon' on 'Calvinism - Who is the enemy?' analysed
* David Cloud endorsing Calvinist theologian, GS Bishop
* Answering 2 #IFB anti Calvinists (Dr Marc Monte and Dwight Smith)
* Is God like a cruel, sadistic father? Answering Dr Marc Monte
* Running to a Calvinist to articulate doctrine 
* Running to a Calvinist to preach Revival truth 
* The Marx wing of Anti Calvinism Fundamentalism 
* Ron Comfort Interview on Reformed Theology
* Mark Ward and the spread of Calvinism in America 
* David Servant's critique of Calvinism analysed
* The Double life of an anti Calvinist Evangelist
* Ingram's Calvinists 
* Urging the sinner to strive to enter in
* Whosoever or Whosoever will?  
* What when God predestines I should have foolish thoughts?
* Stinking Holiness? Do all 5 points/Calvinism stink? 
* Does the sinner tango with God?   
* Winning the Non Elect? 
* Geneva Bible on Man's self destruction
* John Bunyan on Regeneration preceding saving faith
* CH Spurgeon on Regeneration preceding saving faith


* Eight reasons why Calvinists evangelise

* Why bother? Why vote? Why pray? Why evangelise?
* What kind of Calvinism energised William Borden?
* Revelation 3:20 and Calvinist evangelism
* Why does Christ knock at doors of helpless sinners?
* A Calvinist nightmare in your bed  
* John Calvin the soulwinner 
* Book Review: The New Calvinism (ES Williams)
* JT Christian and Calvinistic Baptist Missions      


* Spurgeon's Calvinism - From his own pen

* Spurgeon's Calvinism in his last months on earth  
* The Calvinism of BH Carroll * BH Carroll post in graphic form 
* BH Carroll on God having many people in Corinth (Acts 18:10)
* John Broadus and his views of Calvinism
* The Calvinism of Shubal Stearns and the Sandy Creek Baptist Association
* The Calvinism of John Newton (author of Amazing Grace etc.)
* The Calvinism of Martyn Lloyd Jones  
* How George Muller became a Calvinist
* William Carey and the John Ryland Senior affair
* Matthew Henry's Calvinist Commentary
* Henry Morris' 'moderate Calvinism'
* W.A. Criswell on Calvin and Calvinism  
* The Calvinism of Charles Edward Jefferson *Jefferson post in graphic form
* The Calvinism of Bishop JC Ryle
* Calvinism - tried and tested in battle (Stonewall Jackson) 
* Daniel Baker's Calvinism uniting Christians
* Andrew Millar's (Plymouth Brethren) on John Calvin
* Baptist Historian, JT Christian on Baptist Calvinism 
* Baptist Historian on Calvinist Baptist Missions
* How Calvinistic was DL Moody?
* DL Moody on identifying the elect
* Where George Whitefield learned his Calvinism 
* George Whitefield on Calvinist preaching
* Horatio Bonar and John Bunyan on "Whosoever" Calvinism
* The Calvinism of Isaac Backus 
* Billy Sunday and the Princeton theology
* John Gano on the Calvinist doctrine of effectual calling
* The Calvinism of William Hickman
* Waldensian Calvinism - God ordains all things 
* Waldensian Calvinism - Unconditional Election
* The Calvinism of Isaac Case 
* The Calvinism of James Boyce
* The Calvinism of TT Eaton

* Tozer siding with John Calvin against the god of modern evangelism
* Tozer on Christian ideals and Calvin's Geneva
* Jacob Arminius praising John Calvin's commentaries
* HA Ironside endorsing the Perseverance of the Saints
* HA Ironside praising the gospel ministry of John Calvin
* John Wesley's postive acknowledge of John Calvin's ministry
* John Wesley's theology  - a "hair breath from Calvinism" 
* Four things David Cloud likes about Calvinism
* John R Rice endorsing the spiritual impact of Calvin and the Reformers
* Dr Dwight Pentecost affirming Unconditional Election 
* Charles G Ryrie affirming Unconditional Election etc.

* John Hamblin and Calvinism - oldpaths or enemy?

* Hamblin endorsing Calvinist George Whitefield
* A positive look at Matthew Lyon's anti Calvinist site  
* Two men - one grave - both right


* For the elect's sake 

* Calvinism and holiness in Ephesus 
* A look at an anti Calvinist pastor's library 
* John Trapp on the drawing of God in John 6:44
* Divine Providence
* Spurgeon recommending Calvin's Institutes 
* How Paul encouraged the Church in Ephesus
* Spurgeon answering some critics of Calvinism 
* Why CHS has the anti Calvinists wrapped round his wee finger!
* The Bible only - the religion of Protestants (John Calvin quote)  
* Isaac Watts "Why was I made to hear Thy voice?"
* Spurgeon on reconciling Divine Sovereignty and Man's responsibility (Graphic)    

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