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 Various articles on the Prince of Preachers. Spurgeon preached to 6,000 people twice every Lord's Day in Victorian London, and that in a day when other churches were crowded with hearers. He saw genuine revival revival in his church. His weekly sermons are still in print - all 63 volumes!

* Spurgeon's Calvinism - From his own pen 
* Introduction to my Spurgeon Protestantism Project   
* Spurgeon's Protestantism - From his own pen  (Ongoing work in progress)
* Spurgeon on the martyrdom of 'our Protestant forefathers' (Graphic)
* CH Spurgeon on why fame remembers Martin Luther (Graphic)
* CHS - the Protestant Baptist
* The creed of CH Spurgeon (Graphic)
* The Watchword of CH Spurgeon (Graphic) 
* CH Spurgeon on Protestantism and liberty
* CH Spurgeon's Calvinism in his last months on earth 
* Believing your own propaganda
* CH Spurgeon and Arminians
* Hamblin and CHS opening night at Metropolitan Tabernacle 

* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Total Depravity 
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Unconditional Election  
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Particular Redemption 
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Irresistible Grace  
* 12 Proofs CHS held to the Calvinist doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints 
* Why CHS has the anti Calvinists wrapped round his wee finger!  
* Did Spurgeon Champion the cause of 5 point Calvinism?
* CH Spurgeon on the simplicity of Calvinism

* Spurgeon on "You cannot vanquish a Calvinist" (Graphic)
* Spurgeon on the rage/religionists against God's sovereignty (Graphic)
* Spurgeon answering some critics of Calvinism (Graphic)
* Spurgeon on the Westminster Confession of Faith (Graphic)
* Spurgeon on the WCF Shorter Catechism (Graphic)
* Spurgeon on the Shorter Catechism (Graphic) 
* Spurgeon on the necessity of Creeds 

* Spurgeon recommending Calvin's Institutes (Graphic) 
* Spurgeon (with others) on the sinner striving to enter in (Graphic)
* Spurgeon on reconciling Divine Sovereignty and Man's responsibility (Graphic) 
* Why CH Spurgeon turned down a Baptist invitation to go to Ireland

* Spurgeon on the #oldpaths (Graphic)
* Ancient Protestantism (Graphic) 

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