Wednesday, 21 August 2013



 The history of Calvinism is one of evangelism. God brings His decree to pass through the use of means. The elect of God will be gathered in through the indiscrimate preaching of the gospel.


Discouraged because of the sneers of the ungodly?
* Reasons why Calvinists evangelise
* John Calvin the soulwinner
* Stirring account of a Calvinist evangelist meeting a RC Archbishop (Haldene)
* Why we often miss our opportunities for evangelism (Sermon notes from Acts 8)
* How door to door evangelism works 
* Billy Sunday on the definition of Repentance
* General Booth on his fears for 20th Century Evangelism 
* Do sinners go to Hell for their sins?
* The Aker 2800 voice amplifer  
* Muslim Evangelism 
* AW Tozer on a divided Christ - Saviour but not Lord
* Vernon McGee on Easy Believism  
* Reformed and Evangelistic  


* JW's and merited justification
* A Biblical examination of the 'Evangelical Catholic Movement' 
* A look at sceptic sites
* Why Darwin shuddered at the human eye 
* Sacred Burning in a Mormon's Bosom

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