Friday, 26 September 2014

Have you shaved today?

The last thing I want/need to do is chase my old friend #Hamblin round Twitter or blogspot. I do try to keep my comments for some of the more serious or humorous matters. I think I'll put the above tweet in the latter section. I know you could take the high road on this one and go all serious i.e. (to adapt the old proverb) that America's burning and her self proclaimed Fundamentalist giants are worrying about a few bristles on a preacher's chin, but (really) I think we ought to have a giggle at this one. I really am struggling at the moment to rein in my humour :o)
To move quickly on: On a more serious note, I was away for a few days witnessing with the FPC at the National Ploughing Championships in the centre of Ireland. We had a good time. I know that it is not all about numbers, but we broke some of our own records. We took this year 34,000 (up  5,000 on last year) gospel calenders for 2015 and all were given out over the 3 day event. We actually ran short at the end and probably could have shifted 2-3,000 more. (Very few, relatively speaking, of these calenders are thrown away). Hundreds came into our tent for a cup of tea and a few biscuits and there were many good conversations and much literature and and many CD's distributed. Other Christian groups present with their own stall included the Plymouth Brethren who distributed some 30,000 free linen bags with John 3:16 (full text) printed on both sides. Since the Irish are charged a bag tax when they go to the supermarket - 22 Euro cent per flimsy and usually not-fit-for-purpose plastic bag - these bags were well received.  In each linen bag, there was a copy of John's gospel and a gospel tract with the offer of a free Bible. (All Bible references in the AV). 

The plan is to do some door to door outreach next week for a two week gospel mission starting on the Lord's Day (5th October) which I am responsible for along with Rev. Larry Power down in Co. Cavan. So your prayers are coveted.


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