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Charles Hodge Sermons

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My light and encouraging reading at the moment is this hard back biography of great Princeton theologian Charles Hodge by his son, A.A. Hodge, which I picked up second hand back in the summer. I have several of Charles Hodge's books including his commentaries on Romans, I and II Corinthians, Ephesians and 2/3 of his Systematic Theology set. The opening line of his biography tells us that his Presbyterian ancestors sailed to the United States from the "north of Ireland" which, to an Ulster Scot like me, is the cherry on the cake. The first book I ever picked up by Charles  I Hodge was his book of outlines of sermons back in the early 1980's which he delivered to the Princeton students on the Sabbath afternoons in that great bastion of Reformed theology. This is still in print. I have always found them useful. 

Hodge's commentaries received great recommendations from CH Spurgeon who said:

"Hodge's method and matter make him doubly useful in commenting. He is singularly clear, and a great promoter of thought." (Comments on Hodge's Romans commentary)

"The more we use Hodge, the more we value him. This applies to all his commentaries." (Comments on Hodge's I and II Corinthians commentary)

"Most valuable. With no writer do we more fully agree."
(Comments on Hodge's Ephesians commentary)

From Spurgeon's Autobriography, we get the following information:

Mr. Spurgeon desired to possess a specimen of the manuscript of Dr. Charles Hodge, Professor in the Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A.; and, in reply to a note to that effect, addressed to his son, Dr. A. A. Hodge, the latter wrote the kind letter printed next.

“New Jersey,
“July 1st, 1879.
“Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon,

“Dear Sir,
“I thank you very much for your kind note, relating to the Outlines, received yesterday. Your many friends, on this side of the ocean, have been anxious about your health, as we have received irregular, and imperfect, and perhaps irresponsible reports of it from time to time. I sincerely trust that it is re-established fundamentally and permanently. ‘Yet I am sure that God has warned you, as the trusted steward of His gifts, not to work so hard and continuously. “I send you, herewith, two of my father’s papers, prepared for the Conferences held by the Professors and students, every Sabbath afternoon, in our Oratory. ‘Nelson, of Edinburgh, has just published a volume containing 249 of them. These I send you are originals in my father handwriting.

“May the Father, and the Son, and the Spirit, bless you with all blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord!
“Give my best respects to Mrs. Spurgeon.

“Yours sincerely,
“A. A. HODGE.”

 Worth getting...


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