Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cloud's Spiritual Protestant Corrupters


Just picked this up from David Cloud's web site about the corruption of Protestantism in Evangelicalism. Does nobody proof read this stuff? Not so much for spelling or grammatical errors, but for basic and glaring inconsistencies in thought? Here is a man whose web site is full of the said Protestantism which he publicly despises. His massive site abounds with glowing reports of the spirituality of these corrupting men who baptized infants and held to non Dispensationalist and non PreMill views of prophecy. For example, in this page, Cloud enthuses:
Forsooth! (as Spurgeon would sometimes exclaim) Spiritual warriors! Again:

What! With their corrupt doctrines listed above? Plus their Calvinism? Is Cloud hunting with the hound yet running with the hare? To change the animal metaphor again, Mr Cloud appears to be crying "Wolf!" and that is never a good thing. If men like David Cloud can read and recommend Protestant and Calvinist worthies as spiritual warriors, then you should read them too.


  1. Yes, why rail against the Protestants? Cloud is not swimming the Tiber is he? Isn't he also protesting against Romanism? Then by definition he is a protestant, right?
    Also why all this rancor toward the Protestant reformers. Nobody said they were perfect; no true Christian would claim such for himself or for another Christian. They were men like us but still God used them. In fact, that's all God has to work with, isn't it? They had their weaknesses, sins and failures, but they were still godly, zealous men that God used to rescue the faith from those who had taken it captive. We owe our Bibles and our western freedoms and thought to the reforms which they brought. Too bad those who have benefitted the most are finding fault with them.

  2. Cloud would claim to be a Baptist and not a Protestant. claiming that the Baptists preceded the Protestants. However, as indicated in the article, he wants to hunt with the hounds and run with the hare at one and the same time.

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