Friday, 20 May 2016

Easy Believism - McGee


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One of the greatest dangers for us preachers of the gospel is that we like to see people converted, and we are willing to accept a brazen and flippant yes from some individual who says, “Yes, I’ll trust Jesus.” However, it may be just an impertinent, impudent, and insolent nod of the head; it is so phoney as a three-dollar bill. 

The story is told that the Devil had a meeting with his demons to decide how to persuade men that God was non existent. Since they themselves believed in His existence, they wondered just how to do it. One demon suggested that they tell people Jesus Christ never really existed and that men should not believe such fiction, Another demon suggested that they persuade men that death ends all and there is no need to worry about life after death. Finally, the most intelligent demon suggested that they tell everyone that there is a God, that there is a Jesus Christ, and that believing in Him saves, but all you have to do is profess faith in Christ and then go on living in sin as you used to do. They decided to use this tactic and it is the tactic the Devil uses even today. 

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