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Book Review - Heavenly Conference

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 Title of book: A Heavenly Conference
Author: Richard Sibbes
Publisher: Banner of Truth
Publisher’s Address or address where book may be obtained: 3 Murrayfield Rd, Edinburgh EH12 6EL, Scotland
Year of publication: 2015
Number of Pages: 167
Hdbk or pbk: Pbk
Price: £5.00
ISBN: 13: 9781848716339

 Reading a Puritan pastor opening up and expounding a text of Scripture reminds us of the Lord Jesus feeding the five thousand with just a few loaves and fishes.  Just as the Saviour dipped again and again into the physical smallness of the supply, so too the Puritan could oft return to one or two verses of Scripture and feed his flock with countless expositions of the doctrines it contains along with the practical lessons for life.

Sibbes is the classic example of the observation which we have just made. His ‘Heavenly Conference’ took place between the Risen Christ and Mary Magdalene who was first at the tomb on the Resurrection morning as recorded in John 20.  This is the occasion when she was ministered unto by the angels and on seeing Christ, supposed Him to be the gardener. However, when he addressed her by name, she responded “Rabonni” that is to say “my Master”. He forbade her to touch Him because He would be ascending to “my Father and your Father , my God and your God.”  (v16-17)

Personally, I found the doctrinal part concerning the relationship within the Trinity and its effect upon the believer a little difficult to follow at times, but the applicatory parts were good, especially seeing that Mary’s commission to go and tell the disciples is linked to their recent forsaking of the Saviour. The Puritan always excelled in ministering to hurting saints. 

The book is well presented and up to the usual standard expected from a Banner of Truth production. It is also available in Kindle (.mobi)  and EPUB for those equipped to read it in a more modern format. While the price remains the same, yet (if registered with the Banner of Truth) the book really is yours for life, even when your Kindle reader etc. goes the way of all the earth. 

Colin Maxwell. 

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