Friday, 25 November 2016

More on David Cloud and Calvinism

Much of what David Cloud writes generally is good. It is Fundamental and one discerns that he has indeed received help over the years from his use of Reformed Commentaries and Bible aids. We all stand in the debt of the great Reformers and those who seek to follow in their footsteps. Although Cloud is on record of declaring what he likes about Calvinism, he himself  is not a Calvinist and I have had to refute some of his stuff before:

Here is the latest offering from his pen which is easily refuted below. I really do wish that I had the time to refute it even further and deeper. This would simply necessitate looking up Calvin and other Reformed commentators on the Bible verses which Cloud references. Yet, even the simple things take time and I just don't have it to afford. However, the two examples below show that his criticism is misplaced and therefore, while of fodder significance for this blog, is really of little significance in the overall scheme of things.

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