Friday, 9 December 2016

BBC History Magazine

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Just a few lines of general appreciation about the BBC History magazine. I picked up several old editionsa while ago (some of which I have still to read) in a local charity shop at a very reasonable price and enjoyed them. This led to a very reasonable yearly subscription at 45% of the RRP in the shops and delivered to your door. (It sells for £4.95) As we say in Belfast, "You couldn't beat that with a big stick..."  By a yearly subscription, I mean 13 editions, because there is a December edition plus a Christmas edition. My good wife has kindly renewed the subscription for 2017 as a birthday present that I get the good of every single month. A history buff's dream. 

The articles are generally very good and cover a wide range of history periods. My favourite history period ranges from Henry VIII and the Protestant Reformation, through the struggles of the Puritans and Covenanters during the disastrous Stuart dynasty right up to the Glorious Revolution that led to the ascension of William III, of glorious, pious and immortal memory. Then after a break of nearly 50 years, I pay interest again to the failed attempt of Bonnie Prince Charlie to regain the throne which was wonderfully and decisively defeated at the Battle of Culloden. This last battle was basically a rerun of the Battle of the Boyne 50 years earlier, only fought this time on Scottish soil. 

Being the BBC, the content is largely secular, but still very instructive. Since we believe in God's Providence, whereby He raises up and casts down kings and empires at will, we should take an interest in what He has done in the great battles and the smaller things. I recommend it.

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